Anapra Mexico, Day Two: Laying the Foundation

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Today we woke up in the Cross of Hope Lutheran Church before setting out for another fairly sticky voyage in the van. We had to downsize on our luggage a lot to fit it all in the one trailer, getting knocked down to maybe three shirts and two pairs of pants each, but that’s ok. Everyone would have gotten ludicrously stinky anyway. The van trip itself wasn’t too bad. It was pretty long, but we had several breaks at gas stations before we made it into El Paso and crossed the border into Mexico. Mexico itself is very different from Illinois. The buildings are all very tiny, There are a lot of cute dogs running around everywhere, and there are mountains.

After some weird traffic happenings with a lot of U-turns, we got to the church that we will be staying at for the whole week here in Anapra. We then picked up some tools, headed out for the worksite, took another U-turn to run back for the generator for the saw, but we got there eventually and started building. We worked with the family as we laid out a basic frame for the house, leveled the ground, dug a foundation and then filled it with concrete. It was a great start to the four-day construction of the entire house, and we are all ready to keep going tomorrow and put up some walls.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church