Anapra Mexico, Day Four: Raising the Roof

IMG_1485image1On our third day of work, we began the day by splitting into groups and finishing a few various tasks. One group took charge finishing the outside of the house, covering the whole house in chicken wire. But the most important project of the day was definitely the roof! First we laid down the OSB plywood to give a firm base to walk on. Multiple people were climbing on top of our house at once, and it really showed us how sturdy the frame we had built was. With both of these projects completed, we took our second siesta of the week, all of us already used to the unusual schedule. Delicious tacos for lunch brought us more into the unique culture we are staying in. Feeling refreshed, we returned back to the work site ready to continue our respective projects. The roof people applied the tar and nearly finished the entire thing, albeit with arms covered in tar. Meanwhile, another crew encountered trouble with the drywall, which will be continued tomorrow. We returned back to the church and ended the day with a few sandwiches and devotionals.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church