Anapra Mexico, Day Three: We Raise the Walls

IMG_1471 IMG_1483

We got up early this morning and headed off to start working on the walls of our house. Mostly it was just a lot of nailing wood planks to build frames, and that wasn’t too hard until all the nails started bending. There were just four short exterior walls with a smaller interior divider in between to make two rooms in the house. After a long morning, we raised the walls and nailed them into the concrete foundation that we made yesterday. We then headed back to the church for a siesta. Some of us took a well-deserved nap before setting out again. Over the late afternoon we nailed up some thin black boards over the mostly hollow frames and then started to cover them in chicken wire. Tomorrow, this will let us lay down the stucco to finish up the walls. It was a really great day with almost no sun and lots of breeze. We are ready to keep going tomorrow.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church