Anapra Mexico: Heading Home

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As we piled into the car on our last day in Mexico, we had mixed emotions. There was a lot of sadness that trip was nearing the end, but many of us were looking forward to a nice, well-deserved shower in Albuquerque. As we said goodbye to our leaders from Casas, John and Matthew, we had one final hug before heading back on the road. We arrived at the church and we feasted on a carb-filled dinner. We connected with John via Snapchat and all got a good laugh. We then went to bed to rest for a long day of travels. Once we woke up the next morning we prepared ourselves for our flights and to say goodbye to the Rainbow Trails chunk of our group. Once the final goodbyes were said, and the van was all packed up and ready to go, we headed out to Sandia Peak Tramway. The tram ride up there was quite the experience, and the view on top was breathtaking. After about two hours soaking in the view and sharing our personal affirmations of each member of our group, we made the descent down the mountain. We then piled back into the van and headed off to the airport for our journey home.  We arrived back at Bethlehem, all safe and sound, at 1 AM on Sunday morning.  We’ll see who gets up for church in a few hours.

This brings to conclusion our Two Trips in One Summer.  We look forward to sharing our experiences with our stakeholders at our Stakeholders’ Dinner on July 17, and with the rest of the congregation on our Youth Celebration Sunday on July 31.

Thanks to RHINO (Rebuilding Hope in New Orleans), St. Bernard’s Project, Casas Por Cristo, and Rainbow Trails Lutheran Camp, without whom these trips could not have been possible.  We were there for one week, while these groups minster to those in need every day.  Thanks also to all of the churches who opened their doors and their hearts to us along the way: St. Luke’s Lutheran and Christ the King Lutheran in Memphis, St. Charles Presbyterian in New Orleans, and Cross of Hope Lutheran in Albuquerque. NM.  Finally, thanks to all our adult mentors who traveled with us: Rob Blount, Francie Andrews, Leo Bellantoni, Brigitte Scheel and Pastor Mark.

It was a great month of travel and mission, but it is also great to be home!

Bethlehem Lutheran Church