DRAFT of Bethlehem’s Ministry Site Profile


A key part of the pastoral call process is creation of a church’s Ministry Site Profile.  Potential  pastoral candidates will review Bethlehem’s MSP in  discerning whether to apply for our Senior Pastor position.

Bethlehem’s transition team, with the help from members of the congregation, has created a first draft of this document that you can read by clicking here.

Transition Team Co-Chair Patrick M. Dockins explains in a letter accompanying the document that it is still in draft form and awaits feedback, comments and questions from Bethlehem disciples before it is ready to be posted by the ELCA.  You can provide that feedback at one of the update meetings:

Sunday, January 14
9:15 or 10:30 a.m.
Education Hall

(Child care will be provided)

You also can drop off written feedback in the church office.

We hope you will be able to take some time to help us with this very important issue in the life of our church!


Congregational Council Sets Strategic Plan

It was a pleasure for the council to share with you in November our one-page strategic plan, including our vision, values and priorities. We are finding a great deal of energy in the values statement, “We are guided by our commitment to move forward together in compassion, honesty and grace.”

You can see a copy of the one-page plan here.

The topics the council will be helping to move forward over the next couple of months include:

  • 2018 budget
  • Decisions about the stewardship and disposition of the properties across Marion Street
  • Opportunities for the congregation to work with the Transition Team in the development of our Ministry Site Profile, a major step in the pastoral call process. The profile answers questions about who we are and who we are seeking as a pastoral leader.
  • The property development plan and the financing of the building project.

We ask your continuing prayers and support for our pastors, staff and lay leaders as we navigate through a busy transitional year.



Sermon: Human Hope, God’s Hope – Rev. Andrew Packman

Dec. 3, 2017:  We can’t get through a day without hoping, and hopes are powerful because they shape what we do, what we plan, and how we act in the present moment. But what happens when our hopes are shattered? Is there still hope? This sermon explores the fragility and necessity of hope, and helps us cling to the sustaining power of God’s hope.

You can read this sermon in its entirety here.