Sermon: God’s love for us all Pastor Bill

December 24, 2017. Isaiah and Luke help us to embrace the long view of God as the One who sees all sides of us, the good, the bad, and the ugly, yet continues to love us before, during, and after all that we do and all of who we be. In the end, that’s the whole point of Christmas… that God comes to us, “Immanuel,” to love us and comfort us, just as we are, while at the same time urging us to become more of who we are called to be!

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Sermon — Reclaiming Testimony~ Pastor Sarah

December 10 2017

John the Baptist draws people to Jesus through testimony and reminds all of us that we, too, have a story to tell. This sermon explores the call to witness, identifies what often gets in our way when we try to talk about our faith in public, and challenges us to “just try” speaking the language of faith and see where it takes us.

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Sermon: Human Hope, God’s Hope – Rev. Andrew Packman

Dec. 3, 2017:  We can’t get through a day without hoping, and hopes are powerful because they shape what we do, what we plan, and how we act in the present moment. But what happens when our hopes are shattered? Is there still hope? This sermon explores the fragility and necessity of hope, and helps us cling to the sustaining power of God’s hope.

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