Sermon — The future of church; Where’s the hope?~ Pastor Sarah

January 28, 2018:

The gospel routinely confronts the church with opportunities to let go of what we know, so we can be open to receiving something new. This sermon was preached on the day of Bethlehem’s Annual meeting, when our congregation was confronted with the question of whether to sell property that we own. It was an opportunity for our congregation to wrestle with the tension of keeping and releasing, and to put into practice our most basic conviction that we worship a God who indeed brings life out of death.


You can read the full sermon here.


Sermon — Hospitals, Home, and the Light of Christ~ Pastor Sarah

January 7, 2018:

On this first Sunday of Epiphany, we hear two Scripture passages that describe God as light shining in darkness. This sermon explores the realities of light and darkness for the people of Israel, for the Magi who traveled to Bethlehem, for us who encounter struggle and joy every day. God’s light always shines—even, or especially, in times of darkness.

You can read the full sermon here.

Sermon — Reclaiming Testimony~ Pastor Sarah

December 10 2017

John the Baptist draws people to Jesus through testimony and reminds all of us that we, too, have a story to tell. This sermon explores the call to witness, identifies what often gets in our way when we try to talk about our faith in public, and challenges us to “just try” speaking the language of faith and see where it takes us.

You can read the full sermon here.