Discipleship 24/7

What is Discipleship 24/7?

Discipleship 24/7 is how we practice our faith. Jesus calls each of us to live out our faith every moment, every day.  As a congregation, we seek to nurture this kind of life-shaping, life-creating, life-transforming faith among our people and invite others to join us on this journey.

The key points of Discipleship 24/7 are:

  • We are called to be disciples every moment of our lives, not just when we are in church or participating in church-sponsored activities. We need to break down all silos that separate Sunday from the rest of the week, all barriers between church “and the rest of our lives.”
  • Programs are tools, not ends. So often we focus on providing the best experience for people “while they are here” that we forget that the true impact on people’s lives occurs when they leave and return to their daily lives. The programs and activities we undertake must be relentlessly chosen and organized around our mission of Discipleship 24/7.
  • It’s not just the programs, but also our organizational structure, staff and building that must be aligned relentlessly with our mission.
  • Key to our mission of Discipleship 24/7 is the development of a relational culture here at Bethlehem. Too often our work has been more of a traditional educational nature—people come to learn or access information and then are sent off to integrate that learning as best they can on their own. We are not taking advantage of the best resource God has given us for faith development—each other. When Jesus sought to build faith, the first thing he did was form community. This may be the most difficult part of our mission because it flies directly in the face of the individualistic, consumerist culture in which we all live.
  • Mission is only mission when it is focused on others. This includes mission with each other inside the church, but it cannot stop there. Bethlehem has always been a generous, serving church, but our approach has followed the same path as all of our other programs—broad and scattered. Bethlehem has the resources to make a huge impact for Jesus in the world, it just needs to identify and focus that mission.
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