Filled to Overflowing Matching Grant

Filled to Overflowing

2018-2019 Matching Grant

We are at a matching grant total of $45,290 –this is in less than a month’s time!  Thanks be to God for the gracious generosity of Bethlehem disciples! In addition, another Bethlehem family is adding $25K to the gift challenge to be met by end of December 2018! Our new campaign total that can be matched is $75,000.00!

With the congregation’s approval on February 25 of our Master Building Plan, two Bethlehem disciples have graciously and generously committed an additional $50,000 to our capital campaign!  And they have agreed to make this gift a matching gift! 

We encourage each of you to prayerfully consider taking part in this wonderful stewardship opportunity.  If you have already pledged to our capital campaign, we hope you will consider a second-mile gift; this amount will be matched dollar for dollar.  If you have been considering a pledge, but have been waiting to see what type of plan was adopted, now is a great time to consider making a commitment to these efforts. Again, every gift given will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000 dollars!  

If you were present at the Feb. 25 meeting, you will have heard our treasurer, Chad Carlson share with the 200 or so disciples in the room, that to meet the financial obligations of funding this plan, each would have to agree to gift an extra $4.00 per week. 

I will confess to you, that when I heard this number, I began to think about how I spend $4.00 each week – so I ask that you too might think about how you spend $4.00 each week…is this an amount that might be able to be recommitted to Bethlehem at this time?

Maybe you cannot commit $4.00 right now – that’s ok! Maybe for you its .40 cents, or .04 cents – each gift is precious, each gift is valued, and each gift pleases God!  Living in grace and gratitude does not come with a prescribed number. 

As you arrive at church, maybe you have some loose change in your pocket or purse – we invite you to gift this loose change — .04 cents, .68 cents or whatever you have – in the “Filled to Overflowing” matching challenge gift bowls located outside each worship space.  This will be a visual reminder to us all that indeed a little can become much!

If you cannot make a financial gift at this time, there are other ways we need your participation and support:  please pray for the disciples who will be leading, guiding, and working on the many tasks that are still set before us. Over the next couple of years, there will be opportunities to serve as we move our building efforts forward; I hope that if one of your disciples reaches out to you for help, you will consider doing so – we cannot reach the finish line without all of us coming together –the full complement of the body of Christ – living out the mission and ministry God has called us to!

My prayer is that by working together as a community of faith, living Christ-centered lives, and celebrating God’s grace, we realize that asking for the abundant sharing of blessings and gifts opens the way for grace to abound, faith to grow, and our mission in the name of Jesus Christ to flourish. Who doesn’t want to live that kind of generosity?

We truly are filled to overflowing!

Thank you!

Serving with you,
Deacon Heather Feltman