NOLA Day Five: We Can Do This!

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Coming downstairs at the wee hour of 6:45 this morning and seeing the caffeine deprived faces of the group (Grace), the day seemed to be off to a rough start. Although, after a great breakfast of panini sandwiches, we perked up and were off to work on the house.

We arrived at the house and started right away. Today, we worked more efficiently and as a team. Despite the incredible heat and humidity, we managed to get a lot of drywall up on the ceilings and walls. We faced a number of roadblocks throughout the day, ranging from having to take down drywall pieces to not having supplies when they were needed, but we pushed through the problems and ended up finishing a large part of the house.

Once we returned from the house, we had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Tulane campus here in New Orleans. We walked around campus and got to see some of the buildings, including the library and engineering building.

After the tour, we returned to the church for dinner, which consisted of three types of pasta and caesar salad. Once we finished dinner, we had service with the other group of students staying here at Loyola University. We began with three songs, listened to a bible verse, and then did an activity. This activity was particularly eye opening, because we got to see how hurricane Katrina affected three different classes of people. Each group had their income for the month and their expenses, and then we were given three scenarios that we had to react to and find money to solve them. We already thought we understood how the hurricane affected families living in poverty, but we also saw that it affected people with more resources as well.

After we held service, we stopped at the Creole Creamery for ice cream. There were many interesting flavors at this ice cream store, but the most interesting ones were ‘Mexican hot chocolate’ ice cream and ‘Magnolia flower’ ice cream. By the time we returned to Loyola, everyone was ready to unwind with our favorite card game (With Francie!) and go to bed.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church