NOLA Day Two: We Arrive in New Orleans!


The day started with a very delicious breakfast followed with everyone pilling into the vans. We were all on our way to New Orleans. A few stops and a bumpy bridge later we reached our destination at Loyola University. Everyone settled into their dorm rooms for the week and met for dinner (Kat declared a PHONE FREE zone). Mulate’s served a lovely meal and the waitresses were as smily as ever. After a pure New Orleans style dinner we gathered down the Riverwalk where we met some very friendly dog owners. We arrived back to the dorms after a short street car ride to collect our thoughts from the day. After debriefing we settled in our rooms to get ready for a full day in the French Quarter tomorrow.


  1. by Yan Bellantoni on June 14, 2016  7:57 pm Reply

    Hi Janet,
    I am so proud of you! The youngest participant with a huge heart🌹 We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give!
    Continue to pass on God's love to your classmates and people around you when you travel to China next week!

    To all the people,
    What a great team effort you have, you all make a difference in other people's lives!
    God Bless you, safe travel! 💒

  2. by Anne Lee on June 13, 2016  9:38 pm Reply

    Good for you, Kat. A phone-free zone...I am proud of you. Love to all, Grandma

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