Property Team

The Property team does all things property related! Our main purpose is to make the Church campus a safe, inviting and functional area to be used by our Church family and community. We are a behind the scenes type of team in our efforts by working with other BLC ministry teams supporting their needs. Some of our many efforts include everything from decorating for the holidays, cleaning closets, painting, shoveling snow, leaf raking and mulching. We are also involved with determining the accessibility needs of the Church. As part of the strategic planning,we are also part of the property development team that will look at the Church’s current and future property needs.

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Are you handy with tools? Great with a rake or shovel? Just willing to help? Then join us!

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Spring and Fall Clean Up

The Bethlehem Property Team hosts a Spring and a Fall Cleanup Day annually at the Church. These events are held on a Saturday in May and November from 8am-noon (volunteers may attend the entire time or drop-in as available) we provide a noon meal. The day is geared to complete various maintenance and upkeep projects in and around the Church and adjoining properties.  This is a very fluid event, so all ages and skill levels are encouraged to attend. Emails, Messenger announcements and Community Life Bulletins go out a month prior to set the date and define the list of priority projects. As volunteers respond, a signup list is started, additional emails go out to notify of any additional tools, supplies or food that are needed.

Snow Removal Team

Bethlehem uses a volunteer group to complete the snow shoveling for the Church and adjoining properties. Volunteers are contacted via a text message by the Property Team leader, 12 hours in advance of forecasted snow fall. The initial text outlines the shifts that are to be manned. Volunteers send the Property Team leader a return a text with their shift availability. Shifts are continually updated and are subject to change as the weather forecast determines the amount and time of the predicted start/end of snow fall. A basic shift schedule is as follows;

  • M-F 5:30am- 7am   Clear the preschool entrance and emergency exits.
  • M-F 7am -9am   Clear Church entrances (3) and maintain the preschool entrances and exits. Clear   Holmer House sidewalks.
  • M-F 9am-8pm Maintain entrances on an as needed basis
  • Saturday 8am-4:30pm    Clear Church entrances on an as needed basis for special events.
  • Saturday 4:30pm-6:30pm   Clear and maintain 2 front entrances for 5:30 service.
  • Sunday 6am-7:30am   Clear all 4 entrances.
  • Sunday 7:30am-9:30am   Maintain all 4 entrances during services.
  • Sunday 9:30am-11:30am  Maintain all 4 entrances until services are completed.

Painting Team

This dedicated group of volunteers rolls out the drop clothes, picks up a roller and brush and keep the church looking new and clean. These volunteers come together as needed. An email will be sent out to volunteers when there is a need to paint.

The All-purpose Cleaning Team (APCT)

A closet needs to be cleaned, the garage cleaned out, the pews washed down, new furniture put together, “stuff” moved. These are some of the many things the APCT does. An email will be sent out to volunteers when there is a need to clean.