Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

For all of the special services below, please contact the church office via the phone number listed in side menu on this page or by emailing


Baptism is the sacrament through which one becomes a Christian. While most often performed as an infant, a person can be baptized at any age. If an adult wishes to be baptized, they should contact one of the pastors to arrange a private conversation. For infants and children, prior to arranging a baptism, we ask parents to attend a one-session gathering entitled, “Let the Children Come,” which are held quarterly. During these gatherings you will learn about the sacrament through which every Christian begins their faith journey. You will also hear how you can nurture your child into living a life of faith and service to the Lord. After the session, we will work with you to schedule the time for the celebration. All baptisms take place during our regular worship services.

Please note: we recognize all Christian baptisms and so we do not “re-baptize” anyone if they desire to become part of our congregation.


Please contact the church office at least eight months prior to the wedding to reserve a date. You will be asked to attend four pre-marital sessions with a pastor and a professional counselor. Additional meetings may be necessary depending on your desire for music and other personal touches you wish to have as part of your ceremony. Currently we do not perform wedding ceremonies for non-member couples.


Funerals are conducted as a part of the pastoral ministry at Bethlehem. We conduct funerals at our facility as well as share in the process with local funeral directors. Arrangements for pastoral participation can be made by contacting us directly (Phone: 630-584-2199 or You may also have a funeral home you’re working with contact us. We can also provide grief support by our pastors and care ministries.

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