Wrestling With The Word

Facing our Falsehoods, Telling our Truths

How comfortable are you talking about your faith? What does it mean to have a faith story? How is God active in your life?

These are the questions we will be pursuing as we enter the seasons of Lent and Easter. Each week, Pastor Bill and Pastor Sarah will focus on a different “faith word.” We’ll wrestle with the meaning of these words and reflect on what these words have to do with our lives today. We hope that these weeks of mining and exploring the vocabulary of faith will help all of us become more comfortable with—and excited about—using these words to talk about our lives.

During the season of Easter, we will continue to explore a different faith word each week, and we will also have the privilege of hearing stories from disciples in our community. We trust that these stories will bless us richly and inspire all of us to tell the stories of our lives through the language of faith.


Repentance – Feb. 14,  Ash Wednesday
Temptation – Feb. 17/18
Satan – Feb. 24/25
Idolatry – Mar. 3/4
Condemnation – Mar. 10/11
Ultimatum – Mar. 17/18
Palm Passion – Mar. 24/25
Maundy Thursday – Mar. 29
Good Friday – Mar. 30
Resurrection – Apr. 1, Easter
Discernment – Apr. 7/8
Witness – Apr. 14/15
Be-Longing – Apr. 21/22
Abiding – Apr. 28/29
Agape – May 5/6
Sanctification – May 12/13
Pentacost – May 19/20

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