High School

Revitalizing the Senior High Youth Group

For those who have not yet had the chance to meet me, I am Bobbi Jo Cyr, the new Director of Youth Ministries here at Bethlehem. I have been in Ministry for the last 5 years and was a middle and high school teacher for nearly 10 years before that. I am thrilled to be at Bethlehem during this season of hope and thrilled for the mission to revitalize the youth program as we venture into a new year. I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you, first and foremost, the values that ground our vision for our youth ministries here at Bethlehem.


  • Our youth are not FUTURE leaders of the church; they are leaders of our church TODAY. The present matters! Youth do not need to wait to be the church, to study Scripture, to worship, to pray, to engage in missions, or even to assume a leadership role. Young people have unique perspectives and talents to offer. They are often equipped with passion and optimism that the church is in need of. We should encourage our youth to understand that who they are and what they do right now is important.


  • We believe that faith transforms and enriches our lives at all ages. It’s critical that our programming meet the youth where they are at in their day-to-day lives, connect to what they are doing, and challenge what they know, believe and question.


  • Mentoring Matters! We need adults who are passionate about transforming these young minds and building relationships with our youth – mentoring them and taking a real part in their lives. When we mentor others we not have the unique opportunity to walk with someone else in their faith journey, but we in turn grow in our own faith.


  • Walking with and serving others in the world – making a difference in the lives of others, both locally, domestically, and internationally enriches our student’s lives and deepens their faith. We build God’s church, both physically and relationally encountering people of all different walks of life widening our view on the world. As we walk in their shoes and learn about the lives of other, we become advocates for their story and encounter Jesus in new ways.


  • Live it out! Faith is not stagnant; it’s not something that we only have on Sundays. We come to church to learn though worship, Word, and sermons; we come to grow our foundations and relationships… but what do we do with what we learn? We seek to further discuss those topics challenging ourselves to grow closer to God and one another, as we explore what it means to be live as people of God challenged to live it out in our everyday lives.

Growing young Christian leaders who:

passionately live out their faith,

lovingly share the good news, and

selflessly make a significant difference in the lives of others.


A few changes that you’ll see in the new year to help revitalize our youth program:

A more accessible time for the HS Youth Group to meet
Wednesday nights are not the best time for students to be actively involved in a program. There is so much going on in the lives of our students between school, homework, sports, music, clubs, and after school jobs that Wednesday Night Youth Group becomes an added thing to do and often falls off the list, leading to students to be passively involved and youth group becomes more of an afterthought. By changing the High Youth Group to a Sunday night, we eliminate most of that competition for time. Youth Group becomes a time and place to rejuvenate and re-center before our weeks kick off.
What a Sunday will look like:     
       6:00-6:30             Fellowship and Food
       6:30-6:45             Large Group
       6:45-7:45             Small Group Discussion
       7:45-8:00             Prayer and Reflection
 How we hope parents will be involved
Hospitality is a huge part of what makes a community special and unique. There is something special that happens around sharing a meal together. It gives us a change to connect and just be.
We will be looking for families to help contribute to the ministry by providing a meal for 20-30 people to eat. Meals can be a simple or as complex as you’d like. Some popular and easy dishes are chili, pasta, nuggets, taco-bar, and pizza. We thank you in advance – your contribution to this program will really enrich the experience of our students and provide a great fellowship opportunity. Click here to sign up to provide a meal!
Forming a High School Leadership team

Leadership Team is a group of dedicated high school students that are passionate about youth group and making a difference. This group will meet weekly on Wednesday nights in a small group setting where students will help plan discussions that revolve around hot issues and topics that are relevant to their lives, contribute to making decisions about how funds raised are distributed, and about future trips and events. Being involved in the decision making of their community is a great way have voices heard and show the students that they can make a difference in the lives of their peers and the church. It gives them ownership over their program, building excitement and pride, which will in turn create a buzz and get them excited to invite friends to the group. Our goal is to have a ministry led by students for students, one that they are proud about and will share with others!

All of this is grounded in our hope to see the youth ministries here at Bethlehem take off! I am confident that with all of us working together embarking on some exciting changes, we will see growth and energy in the coming year!
If you have any questions, I’d love to find a time to meet!
Bobbi Jo Cyr
Director of Youth Ministries
(630) 584-2199 x228
Bethlehem Lutheran Church