Middle School

The Middle School Ministry Team serves 6th, 7th and 8th graders and their families. The goals of our team are: grow, develop and nurture mature discipleship among our young people that will “stick” with them the rest of their lives; develop a ministry that is transformational rather than programmatic; create a ministry that breaks down barriers between church and the world and youth and adults; integrate the gifts and talents of our youth into our congregation.

Programs: Our goals are being accomplished through our Confirmation program, service projects, Sunday school, youth group meetings, fellowship events, retreats and middle school worship nights.

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Confirmation is the primary component of the Middle School Youth Ministry. It is targeted to sixth, seventh and eighth graders and takes place on Wednesday evenings from 6:45-8:15 pm. Confirmation begins in large group with a lesson from Pastor Bill or Pastor Sarah — then students and their mentors break into small groups to discuss the lesson, bond as a group and share highs and lows – a favorite among the students. Confirmation includes 4 worship nights throughout the year, where students and mentors take an active part in the service. Parents are invited to attend these worship services. Confirmation students are to complete 12 sermon reports throughout the year to share their understanding of what the gospel is about and how it relates to their life.

Our seventh-grade confirmation class went on retreat in October.  Here are some of the highlights!


Sunday School

With all of the changes that come during the middle school years we have developed a comprehensive approach to support parents and youth through the many transitions. Sunday School and Confirmation classes may sound like a traditional program but their application is anything but. Middle School students meet every Sunday for games, mixers and exploration of faith.

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