Sermon – Unraveled: Abraham and Sarah ~ Deacon Heather Feltman

September 20, 2020 Unraveling happens in many ways.  Sometimes, we are unraveled by external forces…take the COVID-19 virus for example or natural disasters.  Sometimes we are unraveled by violence and injustice, sometimes we are unraveled by shame and greed.  Sometimes, we unravel ourselves.  Sometimes we allow ourselves to come unraveled by what we have done or by what we have left undone.  And, sometimes, God is the great “unraveler” – coming into the status quo of our lives and shaking things up in ways that seem mysterious, unsettling, and maybe just plain bizarre. 

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Sermon – Unraveled: Lives of Faith – Pastor Sarah Rohde

September 13, 2020 Today’s gospel reading is probably one you’ve heard many times…Jesus and the disciples have just fed 5,000+ people and they’re exhausted. So Jesus tells the disciples to tuck away in their little fishing boat and head to the other side of the lake, while he goes away, all by himself, to pray. The sun sets, the disciples settle in for the night, Jesus is alone and enjoying the quiet. Then, upon nightfall, the winds start to pick up and the waves start rising higher and higher, the disciples go from near slumber to high alert, and, as far as they can see, there is no land in sight. The disciples are scared for their lives, when something like a ghost appears on the water.

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Sermon – Conflict and Forgiveness ~ Pastor Jean Duran


September 7, 2020 In my first parish I worked in, I worked with an older pastor who had been in ministry for many years. Unfortunately his life experience, his experience in ministry, had caused him to be quite a cynic. I remember there was one thing he said over and over again.  Whenever you get people together, you are guaranteed two things: trash and arguments.


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Sermon – What It Means To Be The Messiah – Pastor Sarah Rohde

August 30, 2020 Today our gospel is a continuation of last weeks reading.  If you joined us for worship last weekend, you heard Deacon Heather speak to the question that Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say  that I am?”, “Who am I to you?”. Not surprisingly, the disciple who is always the first out of the gate, he was the first to drop his fishing net and follow.  The first to step out of the boat and try to walk. Yes, it’s Peter again, the first to speak up here.

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Sermon – Who Is Jesus? ~ Deacon Heather Feltman

August 23, 2020 “Who do you say that I am?” Jesus asks.  Who is Jesus? That is a question Christians have been seeking to answer –to the world, to each other, to ourselves, ever since Jesus posed it to his disciples! I knew who Jesus was when I was about 7 years old – I knew him as a guy who seemed to walk a lot to see and help people–from the bible stories I was told – and from the European white pictures I would see of him – he seemed to like to wear the color white and had a pet lamb!

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