Sermon – IBMTA:Where Are You From? Part 2 ~ Deacon Heather Feltman

October 2, 2021 As we have mentioned the last couple of weeks, it is our hope through this sermon series to make room for intentional conversation in our life together as community, so we might grow in relationship with one another. It is our hope that the questions posed in this series will guide us in learning each other’s stories.

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Sermon – IBMTA: Where Are You From?- Pastor Paisley Le Roy

September 26, 2021 This week we dive into our series, “I’ve been meaning to ask…” with the seemingly simple question, “where are you from?” As Pastor Sarah mentioned last week, it is our hope to make room for these questions in our life together as community so that we can grow in relationship with one another. It is our hope that the questions here will guide us in learning the stories of those sitting around you right now. And so I’m going to give us just a minute here to turn to someone around you, not a family member or someone you can with and, even better, someone you haven’t spoken to and share with them where you’re from and have them do likewise.

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Sermon- The Power Of Questions- Pastor Sarah Rohde

August 19, 2021 One of my favorite authors, Kelly Corrigan, delivered a graduation speech at the Walker School in Marietta, Georgia this past May. She opened her speech with three stories that I’m going to do my best to paraphrase. The first was of her husband, Edward, who went to a dinner, and had the initial impression that the guy he was seated next to was a bit of a dud. So much so that he texted Kelly under the table, saying “I’ll be home early tonight.” The food was served, the wine was poured, and the man across from him mentioned going on a safari. That was a nice jumping off point, so Edward turned to the dud next to him, and said, “Have you ever been to that part of the world?” And this man said to him, “Well, I spent 45 days in Madagascar as a political prisoner and I nearly starved to death. When I was rescued, I weighed 111 pounds.” As it turned out, Edward did not come home early that night. Instead he hung around, and asked more questions, and got to hear an unbelievable story from this man he had written off far too soon. A story he came so close to missing.

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Sermon – Book Of Acts Recap ~ Deacon Heather Feltman

September 12, 2021 Today, we conclude our journey through the book of Acts. Wednesday of last week, Pastor Sarah, Pastor Paisley and I shared a few of the themes that stood out to us. And we hope that you took a bit of time as well to reflect on what you have most appreciated about the journey through this book. Today, I want to offer a brief recap and invite us once more to reflect on the how the Holy Spirit can transform each one of us –if we are willing to open ourselves up to the experience!

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