Council Minutes October 18, 2022

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Council Meeting Minutes
October 18, 2022


Present: Megan Baxter, Rob Blount, Craig Collins, Bonnie Hare, Kelly Jirschele, Cheryl Martines, Steve McIntire, Suzanne Warner, John Volkening
Staff: Pastor Paisley LeRoy, Deacon Heather Feltman
Absent: None
Visitor: Pastor Krista Zimmerman
Location: Fellowship Hall
Meeting called to order at 6:32pm
Council Secretary: Craig Collins
Megan Baxter opened the Council meeting with a prayer.

Opening Devotions:
In lieu of devotions, the Council members introduced themselves to Pastor Krista Zimmerman who is being considered to serve as Interim Lead Pastor.

Agenda Item: Meet and Greet: Pastor Krista Zimmerman
Rob introduced Pastor Krista Zimmerman who the Executive Team is recommending to serve as Interim Lead Pastor.
Pastor Zimmerman shared the following information about herself and her experience as a pastor as she answered several predetermined questions:

● She was born and raised in Rochester, NY.

● She is a graduate of Houghton College in Houghton, NY and the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago.

● She served as Pastor at United Lutheran Church in Rockford, IL for four years and then moved to Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church in Racine, Wisconsin, where she served as Associate Pastor for 8 years. During her tenure at Mount Pleasant she served as interim Senior Pastor for over a year upon the retirement of the Senior Pastor.

● Her hobbies include taking care of her dog, spending time with family, reading, and walking.

● She considers herself a careful listener who lifts up the strengths of others.

● She describes herself as a helper and caregiver who looks for the passions in people.

● She would like to help BLC disciples see something new in the ways that God is at work in the congregation and in the world.

● She would like to engage members of the congregation in 1:1 conversations and share this information with Council members to strengthen the relationships that exist within the congregation.

● In her Ministry Site Profile she lists the following ministry strengths: ministry in daily life; preaching and worship leadership; evangelism and mission; interpersonal climate, and conflict management.

Council members asked Pastor Zimmerman several questions to conclude the meet and greet session.

Agenda Item: Interim Lead Pastor Search Process
After Pastor Zimmerman left the meeting, Rob led Council members through a debrief of the meet and greet session, and provided some additional information regarding the search process. Rob indicated that the Executive Team, Rostered staff, and Pastor Zimmerman had engaged in discussions regarding specific job tasks for each Rostered leader. Some of these job tasks for Pastor Zimmerman are contained in the Interim Ministry Covenant document and are summarized below:

● Pastor Zimmerman will report to the Council and participate in meetings of key church leadership.

● Pastor Zimmerman will provide worship leadership through preaching and teaching in conjunction with the Associate Pastor and the Director of Music/Worship.

● Pastor Zimmerman will engage in 1:1 listening sessions with members of the Congregation and report this feedback to Council.

● Pastor Zimmerman will engage with small groups within the Congregation.

● Pastor Zimmerman will provide pastoral care, teach confirmation classes, and lead various Bible study and Adult Education classes.

● Pastor Zimmerman will participate in the sacramental life of the congregation.

Once Pastor Zimmerman begins work at Bethlehem, these job tasks for all three Rostered staff will be reviewed after two months, six months, one year, and upon completion of her time as Interim Lead Pastor.

The Interim Ministry Covenant spells out that Pastor Zimmerman will not be a candidate for a regular call to Bethlehem, and will be compensated in conformity with ELCA synod and Bethlehem Rostered leader compensation guidelines.

There was a general feeling among Council members that Pastor Zimmerman possesses gifts, talents, and experience that will be beneficial to Bethlehem during this transition between Lead pastors, has a pastoral temperament and style that seems to be a good match for what Bethlehem needs at the present time, and that she will come alongside Pastor Paisley and Deacon Heather and be a partner in ministry.

At the conclusion of the discussion, the following motion was made by John: The Council affirms the recommendation of the Executive Team to appoint Pastor Krista Zimmerman to serve as Interim Lead Pastor until such time that a regularly called Lead Pastor assumes office. Motion seconded by Megan. Motion approved 9-0.

Rob will announce Pastor Zimmerman’s appointment to the congregation on Sunday, October 23. Pastor Zimmerman will begin her work at Bethlehem on or about November 1, 2022.



Agenda Item: Draft Budget Review
Deacon Heather shared the first draft of the proposed 2023 church budget. She highlighted those line items that are likely to be reduced and those likely to increase in 2023 including a brief explanation for the change. Deacon Heather emphasized that there will be several drafts of the budget as she meets with staff members, finalizes her cost projections for 2023, and monitors annual giving and debt reduction pledges. She also reviewed how we might incorporate our mortgage payment, up until this point an amount not reflected in our Church operations budget, into a specific receipt and expenditure line item.
A second draft of the 2023 budget will be shared with the Council at the November Council meeting.

Agenda Item: Stewardship/Expansive Church
Deacon Heather shared the 2022 Stewardship plan: Being an Expansive Church! The stewardship emphasis this fall will focus on expanding our work outward in our community while at the same time continuing to make progress on retiring our debt. The Stewardship schedule for this fall is as follows:
October 19 –Letter and Estimates of Giving mailed to the congregation
October 23 –Stewardship emphasis in worship, Sunday Seminar, 10:45am, Deacon Heather will facilitate a presentation on “Being an Expansive Church!”
October 26 –Midweek Seminar, 4:45pm, Deacon Heather will facilitate a presentation on “Being an Expansive Church!”
October 30 –Reformation Sunday, w/message focus “Grateful Generosity: Relational Joy!” Sunday Seminar, 10:45am, Deacon Heather will facilitate a presentation on “Being an Expansive Church!”
November 6 –All Saints Sunday, present our Estimates of Giving during worship
November 16 –Follow up letter sent to those who have not submitted estimates
December 21 –Confirmation/Thank you letters mailed

Deacon Heather also shared the letter that is being sent out to members of the Congregation. The letter shares this year’s stewardship themes, lays out the stewardship schedule, provides an update on the last two capital campaigns, presents the final roof replacement and Fellowship Hall HVAC costs, and includes the 2023 Estimate of Giving form.
Heather encouraged members of the Council to attend the two scheduled Sunday seminars and/or the midweek seminar.

Agenda Item: Ministry Site Profile/Call Process
Megan, Steve, and Craig shared some general recommendations regarding the upcoming call process for a new Lead Pastor. All three had served on the Lead Pastor Call Team in 2018. Steve and Craig served on the Associate Pastor Call Team in 2020.

The recommendations are summarized below:

● It is possible and desirable given our recent experiences with the call process to quicken the pace of the process.

● There is a general expectation among congregation members that we will start the process sooner rather than later. We should begin the process in November.

● A good time to interview pastoral candidates is likely to be during the winter and spring months. We should shoot for this time frame.

● A meeting with the Chicago Metro Synod to learn about the current call process is desirable.

● The Ministry Site Profile that was drafted in 2018 (lead pastor) and 2020 (associate pastor) can be used as the starting point for putting together a new MSP. It will not be necessary to start from scratch. We should aim for completing the MSP by the end of December.

● Involve the congregation in identifying key attributes/ministry priorities in November and December during Adult Education hour and through online surveys.

● The Ministry Site Profile Team should include two members from Council and Pastor Paisley. The Executive Team will select team members.

● The Call Team should include 1 or 2 Council members and 4 or 5 other members from the congregation. The Council will review and approve Call Team members at the November 15 Council meeting.


Following a general discussion of these recommendations, there was consensus among Council members to begin the Call Process in November, recognizing that the proposed timeline may have to be adjusted. The Adult education hour on December 4 and 18 will be reserved to seek input from the congregation about what to look for in a new Lead Pastor.


Council members who would like to serve on the MSP team were asked to contact Rob by Friday, October 21. Council members who would like to serve on the Call Team were asked to contact Rob by Friday, October 28. Council members were also encouraged to send Rob by October 28 the names of those BLC disciples who they believe would be good candidates to serve on the Call Team.

Agenda Item: 1:1 Conversation with Congregation Members

Craig received an email earlier this fall from a Bethlehem disciple who expressed this sentiment, “As a 50 plus year member of Bethlehem I realize there are many members I don’t see at church anymore…..It is my feeling we (i.e., Friday Men’s Bible study group) should contact absent members and ask simple questions…..I think a personal phone call is necessary to contact these members and establish their relationship to Bethlehem and let them know we miss them.”

Craig proposed that the Council take the lead on this and that Pastor Paisley and Deacon Heather create a Google document in early November listing 25-30 members/families who were active members at Bethlehem before the pandemic but who have not returned to active membership. Council members would then choose three members/families to contact prior to Thanksgiving. Craig offered several possible questions to ask in this 1:1 conversation: How are you? How is your family? Are there ways that Bethlehem Lutheran Church could better support you and your family? Anything that you would like to share about your thoughts and/or feelings about church and our various ministries?

There was general consensus to move forward with this idea. Pastor Paisley and Deacon Heather will compile the list, make it available to Council members in early November, the calls will be made in November, Council members will report back on their calls at the December Council meeting, and theCouncil will look for any major themes or take-aways based on these conversations.


Consent Agenda: September Minutes and August/September Financial Reports

There were no questions or comments about the September minutes or August/September financials.

John moved, seconded by Kelly, to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion carried 9-0.


Megan moved, seconded by Steve, to adjourn the meeting at 9:25pm. Without objection, Rob adjourned the meeting.

Wednesday Bible Study—Visio Divina

Wednesday Bible Study—Visio Divina

Wednesday Bible Study—Visio Divina

Our Wednesday morning Bible Study will be focusing on Visio Divina. Check your BLC Weekly email for the Zoom link to join us! Click here for our reading schedule.

“Visio Divina, Latin for “divine seeing” is a method of meditation, reflection and prayer through a process of intentional seeing. Visio Divina extends the 6th century Benedictine practice of Lectio Divina by the use of visual imagery. Traditionally, Visio Divina was accompanies by Benedictine iconography and illuminations. However, different faith traditions have adapted the process over time, utilizing both secular and nonsecular images.” From Generation to Generation by A Sanctified Art.

We will use this blend of visual meditation, Bible Study and group discussion to take a look at the beautiful images that go along with each Sunday’s lessons from our Advent/ Christmas/ Epiphany series—Generation to Generation.

Upcoming Daytrippers Events!

Upcoming Daytrippers Events!

Thursday, February 16th, 10am
Lizzardo Lapidary Museum, Lunch & Billy Graham Museum

RSVP to Rick Beato by Feb 9, at or 630-263-1414
Click here for more information on this outing.

Sunday, February 19—RSVP by January 29
3pm. Arcada Theater, 105 E. Main St., St. Charles
Join us for an Elvis Tribute Artist Competition! Click the Daytrippers Elvis Event flier for more information. RSVP by January 29 to Dawn Root at

Sunday, March 5, 2pm—RSVP by February 10

The Odd Couple, 2pm, North Central College Naperville, IL Meiley Swallow Hall Intersection of Ellsworth and Van Buren
RSVP to Rick Beato by Feb 10, at or 630-263-1414
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Council Minutes September 20, 2022

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2022

Present: Megan Baxter, Rob Blount, Craig Collins, Bonnie Hare, Kelly Jirschele, Cheryl Martines, Steve McIntire, Suzanne Warner, John Volkening

Staff: Pastor Paisley LeRoy, Deacon Heather Feltman

Visitor: Kelli Comise, Epiphany Lutheran Church, Elmhurst, Illinois

Absent: None

Location: First Floor Conference Room

Meeting called to order at 6:38

Council Secretary: Craig Collins

Bonnie Hare opened the Council meeting with a prayer.

Opening Devotions:

In a continuing effort to strengthen relationships among those present, Council members were asked to share a recent experience that represents a “rose,” a “thorn,” and a “bud” moment in their lives.

Agenda Item: Resignation of Communication Manager

Deacon Heather shared that Wendy Herman resigned her position earlier this month as Communication Manager to pursue full-time employment. In an effort to fill this position, Deacon Heather reported that after interviewing five candidates she is recommending that Laura Kerby become the new Communication Manager. Laura was a Family and Consumer Science teacher in Yorkville and Naperville before she and her family moved to Georgia eleven years ago. A member of an ELCA congregation in Georgia, Laura’s faith background, her organizational skills, and her ability to effectively use social media make her a good choice to serve in a communication capacity at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Laura will be paid $33,000 and will work between 20-25 hours a week.

Motion by Kelly, seconded by Steve, to appoint Laura Kerby to replace Wendy Herman as Communication Manager at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Motion carried 9-0.


Agenda Item: 2023 Budget Calendar

Each year the Church Council prepares a budget to be presented to the congregation for ratification at the Congregational meeting in January. Deacon Heather presented the 2023 budget preparation calendar along with key steps in the process:


Budget Prep Calendar:

October 18, 2022 (review early draft)

November 15, 2022 (review draft, pass along feedback from Finance Committee)

December 13, 2022 (review draft)

January 10, 2023 (approve final draft)


Key Steps in Budget Prep Process:

1. Run and review a ‘Statement of Activity” from Sept. 2022 – Oct 2021

2. Zero-based budgeting starts every budget line at zero dollars for the upcoming year

3. Council/Rostered Leaders affirm ministry priorities (Oct & Nov)

4. Council/Rostered Leaders affirm staffing plan (Nov)

5. Review and assess budget assumptions

6. Review trends –giving/spending (Dec)

7. Present a draft balanced budget for review and feedback

An additional Council meeting has been added on January 10, 2023, to approve a final draft version for presentation to the congregation on January 29, 2023.

Agenda Item: Christian Care Ministry

Accessibility, community, and efficiency were three important goals of the building renovation program in 2018 and 2019. Unfortunately, the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020 made it difficult to achieve a fourth goal – using a newly renovated building to expand ministry initiatives and outreach to the community.

Over the past year Council members have discussed in broad terms how we might use the building in ways that would align to our mission of “loving our neighbors.” In response to these conversations, Deacon Heather brought to the Council the idea of creating a care ministry for seniors in our community. Accompanied by Kelli Comise, Director of Adult Christian Care at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Elmhurst where a senior care ministry has been in operation for several years, Deacon Heather shared the following key elements of this type of ministry:

· The mission of the program would be to provide senior care that promotes the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of older adults and their families.

· The program could be open to seniors in St. Charles and surrounding communities.

· The program could run from 8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday in Education Hall.

· The program could consist of stimulating experiences (e.g., table games, light exercise, sensory stimulation, arts and crafts, music, pet and intergenerational visits, and parties) which assist older adults with opportunities “to be” all they can be, accommodating those with cognitive or physical limitations.

· The program could provide a welcome change for the person in need of socialization, and a respite for families to maintain their personal schedules, knowing that their loved one is in a safe caring environment.

· The program, once fully operational, could be staffed by a part-time director, a recreational leader, two or three activity assistants, and several volunteers.


Deacon Heather and Ms. Comise also touched on such topics as program eligibility, enrollment expectations, daily schedule, coordination with rehabilitation facilities and medical personnel, start-up costs and an overall budget, meals and snacks, and regulatory oversight.


The purpose of the presentation was not to seek approval from Council to move forward with this type of program, but rather to introduce the Council to this type of ministry and how it might work at Bethlehem. Additional conversations will need to take place within the congregation to build understanding and support.

Agenda Item: Rostered Leaders Evaluation Process

Rob shared a timeline for conducting annual reviews for our Rostered staff. Rob, Cheryl, and Craig will meet with both Rostered leaders later this fall after receiving and reviewing feedback from Council members.

Agenda Item: Interim Pastor Search Update

Rob reported that the Executive Team and Rostered leaders had interviewed a candidate recommended by the Chicago Metro Synod. The Executive Team still needs to conduct a formal debrief of the interview and determine whether or not to invite the candidate to return for a second interview. Rob will also be reaching out to Pastor Sunitha Mortha, our Chicago Metro Synod liaison, to ascertain if additional candidates are available and willing to interview.

Consent Agenda: August Minutes and July/August Financial Reports

There were no questions or comments about the August minutes or July/August financials.

John moved, seconded by Cheryl, to approve the Consent Agenda.

Motion carried 9-0.

Agenda Item: Rostered Leaders Report


Deacon Heather reported that she met with a volunteer group of Bethlehem disciples on September 19 to get feedback on the Expansive Church model that was shared with Council at the August Council meeting. This model invites all Bethlehem disciples to identify church and community needs and includes a financial pathway to address these needs (i.e., a grant process managed by Bethlehem disciples), all within the broader context of retiring the debt on our building. The response of this group was positive and encouraging. The next step in the process is to recruit a group of Bethlehem disciples to serve on the Expansive Church team for the 2023-24 year. The team would put together the major components of the model (e.g., grant process, formula to be designated towards our debt) and develop a communication strategy for sharing with the congregation.


Deacon Heather will report back at the October Council meeting progress with recruiting members to serve on the Expansive Church team and other related tasks associated with implementation of this model.


In August, the Council approved the creation of a Faith Formation Assistant position to help Pastor Paisley with a variety of tasks related to our youth ministry program. Pastor Paisley reported that due to COVID the number of seminarians (4th year students returning from internship) who might fill this position is very small and she has not been successful in identifying any viable candidates. She will continue to explore ways to fill this position.




Suzanne moved, seconded by John, to adjourn the meeting at 8:50pm. Without objection, Rob adjourned the meeting.

Council Minutes August 16, 2022

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Council Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2022

Present: Megan Baxter, Rob Blount, Craig Collins, Bonnie Hare, Kelly Jirschele, Cheryl Martines, Steve McIntire, Suzanne Warner, John Volkening
Staff: Pastor Paisley LeRoy, Deacon Heather Feltman
Absent: None
Location: Ekstrom Hall
Meeting called to order at 6:34
Council Secretary: Craig Collins

Kelly Jirschele opened the Council meeting with a prayer.

Opening Devotions:
John Volkening led the devotions with questions about what each of us is devoted to, what our Council is devoted to, and what our congregation is devoted to.

Agenda Item: Elect Replacement Council Member

Rob Blount shared with Council that due to Pete Elza’s resignation, it was necessary to appoint a replacement. In June, Pete was starting his third year of a three-year term. The Executive Team recommended that Suzanne Warner complete Pete’s term until May of 2023.

Motion by John, seconded by Kelly, to appoint Suzanne Warner to replace Pete Elza on Council and complete Pete’s three-year term.

Motion carried 9-0.

Agenda Item: Check-in with David Lincoln

Director of Worship and Music, David Lincoln, was invited to attend the Council meeting as he marked seven months on the job. David reported that “things were going well,” and that he was heartened by a full sanctuary this summer with everyone singing. When asked if he was surprised by anything so far, he remarked that BLC has many ongoing and diverse ministries and that he has found the adult education sessions this spring timely and relevant to the lives of BLC disciples.

David shared that it was sometimes challenging to provide a comparable music experience for the congregation at each of the Sunday services when, for example, the choir was only singing at one of these services. With respect to future maintenance issues, he reported that the pipe organ was in need of cleaning and that several of the pipes might need replacing in the near future. He also said that some additional electric work was needed at the front of the sanctuary to accommodate more inputs for microphones.

When asked what needs to be done to involve a praise band more fully in worship, David responded that individual parts of a praise band (e.g., singers, instrumentalists) are ready to go but that it was more of a challenge to incorporate a “complete” praise band into every Sunday service if we returned to two Sunday services in the fall.

Council members shared appreciation and praise with David’s work so far, pointing to his leadership in getting Live-Streaming off the ground last winter, his ability to incorporate a variety of music styles into worship, and his overall work ethic and commitment to high quality worship.

David concluded his remarks, in response to a question about how the Council might best support him, by asking that a future Call Team consult him about how to best examine Lead Pastor candidates’ views on worship.

Agenda Item: Expansive Church Model – Are We Ready to Move Forward?

Our second three-year debt reduction campaign will end in November of 2022. Last month, Deacon Heather provided an overview of an Expansive Church model that would involve both debt reduction and fundraising for projects that would have impact both inside and outside the congregation consistent with our mission as a church.

Rob asked Council members if after hearing Deacon Heather’s presentation last month if anyone had any questions and if we were ready to authorize Heather to take the next step in pursuing this model. Questions from Council members centered around these topics: the timetable to launch and sustain this effort; providing clarity and definition to the congregation regarding this model, our debt reduction efforts, and the annual giving campaign; and the work of the team following its formation in the fall.

There was consensus to move forward with this Expansive Church fundraising model including the recruitment of the team that would further study the model, developing a game plan for execution, and with continued Council support, implementation at some future time.

Agenda Item: Faith Formation Overview

Last spring, the Rostered staff identified four ministry teams that would be formed in 2022 to advance the mission of the congregation. Faith formation was one of these teams and Pastor Paisley shared some of her initial thoughts via a PowerPoint presentation about what faith formation might look like for all ages. Highlights of this presentation include:

· Understanding and being able to articulate the “why” of faith formation is the starting point for a congregation committed to a meaningful faith journey for all of its members.

· Sunday school and confirmation would be divided into six separate but integrated stages: Preschool-K; Grades 1-3; Grades 4-5; Grades 6-7; Grade 8; and high school youth.

· A new curriculum (Spark Rotation curriculum) would replace the one used last year.

· BLC Connect would provide a small group experience for students in Grades 4-5 and would mirror what students will experience in Confirmation (e.g., service opportunities, retreats).

· Confirmation would be divided into two groups – 6th and 7th graders engaged in foundational/traditional activities (e.g., basic catechism and Bible training, service, worship participation) and 8th graders engaged in a capstone experience where they dive into the hard questions of faith, take on a yearlong faith project, and transition into high school youth group activities.

· Stepping stones dates have been chosen for 2022-2023 and lay volunteers will be sought

· High school youth would meet every other week and continue to experience a variety of activities (e.g., discussion nights, prayer nights, retreats, Leadership Lab, mission trips)

· Intergenerational learning time would be explored and might include sporadic Sunday education focusing on basic catechumenate topics (e.g., scripture study, liturgical practice)

· Congregational support needed to run our youth and high school programs: Sunday School (minimum of 5); BLC Connect (minimum of 3); 6-7th grade Confirmation (minimum of 5); 8th grade Confirmation (minimum of 3); high school youth group (minimum of 2)

Pastor Paisley will engage the congregation in a Koinonia conversation about faith formation following the Sunday worship on August 21.

Agenda Item: Sunday Fall Worship Schedule

Rob asked Council members at the August meeting to share their thoughts about the two Sunday worship schedule options and how we should proceed with this topic. Kelly and John first expressed frustration and concern about the Executive Team’s decision to not follow through with the Council decision in July to maintain the summer worship schedule in the fall. Executive Team members responded that the Executive Team and Rostered Leaders, upon further reflection following the July Council meeting, concluded that the rationale for making the worship schedule change was not clear, there was hesitation on the part of the Roster Leaders about implementation of this decision, that further discussion with the Chicago Metro Synod about securing an Interim Lead Pastor was necessary before we made a decision about the fall worship schedule, and that soliciting feedback from the congregation about this matter, no matter what was ultimately decided, would be consistent with what the Council has done in the past.

The Council discussed the results of a congregation survey indicating that 52% of those completing the survey favored keeping the summer worship schedule in the fall and 48% supported returning to two services on Sunday. Text messages received showed 47 supporting one Sunday service and 44 supporting two Sunday services. Megan also shared the results of an informal poll that she administered with 12 families showing a majority of those responding favored holding one Sunday service at 9:30am in the fall rather than one at 8:30am and one at 10:45am.

In the discussion that followed, Council members identified the following reasons for having one worship service on Sunday: the Sunday summer schedule is the preference of those who took the survey or responded via text; one service promotes reconnection among BLC disciples as opposed to two Sunday services; worship feels lively and more satisfying when the service is well attended; and two Sunday services places a burden on those who with worship-related duties when we are experiencing a lack of volunteers (e.g., Altar Guild, usher/greeter recruitment).

Council members identified the following reasons to offer a 8:30am and 10:45am service on Sunday: more worship options provide BLC disciples with greater schedule flexibility on Sunday mornings; reducing worship services may drive down overall worship attendance; having only one Sunday service may have a negative impact on attendance in Sunday School and Adult Education; and two Sunday services provides more social distancing as we deal with a pandemic that is not over.

Kelly proposed that we continue with the summer worship schedule into the fall. Seconded by Steve.

Motion carried: 6-3.

The Executive Team and Rostered staff will share this decision with the congregation by the end of the week.

Agenda Item: Interim Pastor Search Update

A group of Church Council members met with Pastor Sunitha Mortha, ELCA Chicago Metro Synod representative to the far western Chicago suburbs, in early August to learn more about the process to identify, interview, and select an Interim Lead Pastor. Based on this meeting, the Executive Team and Rostered Leaders have identified certain job tasks that we would want an Interim Lead Pastor to do. This job description, using a Chicago Metro Synod template, was reviewed by Council members. Following a brief discussion, there was consensus to authorize Rob to submit this job description to the Chicago Metro Synod. The Synod will now attempt to match this job description with a qualified candidate(s) and share the name of a candidate(s) with the Executive Team for a possible interview.

Consent Agenda: July Minutes and June/July Financial Reports

There were no questions or comments about the July Minutes or June/July Financials. John moved, seconded by Megan, to approve the Consent Agenda.

Motion carried 9-0.

Agenda Item: Executive Session

It was moved by Steve, seconded by Kelly, to move into executive session to discuss a confidential matter related to personnel.

Following discussion in executive session, Kelly moved and John seconded to come out of executive session. Kelly then moved and seconded by John to approve the Children and Youth Ministry Seminarian Position Description and Employment Agreement as presented and authorize Pastor Paisley to post this position and initiate a search to fill the position.

Motion carried 9-0.


Bonnie moved, seconded by Steve, to adjourn the meeting at 9:24pm. Without objection, Rob adjourned the meeting.