Bethlehem Brothers

Sunday, April 2, 4pm
Location TBD

Join us for food & fellowship!


If you were one of our Bethlehem Brothers who said that you wanted to part of a men’s ministry but the format we chose didn’t speak to you….WE HEARD YOU! If you were one of our Bethlehem Brothers who said the Thursday night midweek schedule was bad….WE HEARD YOU! If you said that you’d rather meet somewhere other than church….WE HEARD YOU! Or if you said that you’d rather just get together to talk with other guys and get to know each other better rather than use an established curriculum….WE HEARD YOU! Your Bethlehem Brothers Advisory Team heard those comments and many others, so we’re excited to announce the REBOOT OF OUR MEN’S MINISTRY! HERE’S THE PLAN:

• We’re going to meet from 4:00-5:30pm on the 1st Sunday of the month (Sept-May), no longer on Thursday nights, because we heard how challenging dinner time, homework, and bedtime can be for our younger dads – and we really want you to be able to join us!

• We’re going to gather at local establishments, not at church!

• There won’t be a formal agenda or curriculum – but we will have “general topics of the month” to get our conversations started and to support our pillar of Learning and Faith Development.

• We remain committed to the 3 founding pillars of Bethlehem Brothers – Learning/Faith Development, Fellowship and Service. We will be organizing quarterly special events to support the Service and Fellowship pillars, but let’s get to know each other a little better first!

Your Bethlehem Brothers Advisory Team: Paul Dayton, Ken Hopkins, Mike Karrick, Bob Schaefer, Jeff Siblik and Brian Warner