Sermon – Disciples Know Salvation is with God – Bishop Gary Wollersheim

November 24, 2019 Most everybody gathered here has a calendar of some kind.  Now, a lot of you don’t use a calendar like I do.  You use your phone.  But my fingers are too fat for the phone, so I never get anything in there right.  Now, on your calendars and my calendars, we have important dates  to celebrate.  Birthdays are on there, anniversaries are on there, and other things are on there as well.  Now, the early Christian church developed a calendar so they would always remember to celebrate these important events in salvation history. 

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Sermon – Keys to a Christian Way of Life – Bishop Gary

February 3, 2019 Bishop Gary Wollersheim shares a message about love as a key to a Christian way of life.  He has joined the Bethlehem staff while Pastor Sarah is on family leave. 

The question is, what is the key to winning the Superbowl game?  Or what is the key to winning any NFL game, for that matter?  Well, former Bears linebacker and commentator Doug Buffone said there were three keys to winning a football game, rush the passer, run the football, and stop the run.  Now, Coach Ditka, he felt that time of possession was one of the keys to winning a football game.

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