Sermon – The In Between Time- Guest Sermon Dr. Kimberly Wagner

April 18, 2021 For over a year now, on the front page of the Washington Post website, one of my go to news sites to get my news fix, there has been a set of graphs and numbers in red type, tracking  the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States. Every time I’ve logged on I’ve seen it. It’s hard to miss. For over a year now, I have watched the numbers grow, a grim reminder of the breadth of this virus and its impact not only on this country, but on the world.

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Sermon – Those That Dream Cannot Keep Silent- Guest Sermon John Volkening

January 3, 2020 Today’s scripture reading of the presentation of Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem, is set in a troubled land, a country occupied by Roman armies and ruled by King Herod, who was a tyrant that had been appointed by the Roman Empire. This story of the newborn Jesus takes place 40 days after his birth in Bethlehem. The Magi, those 3 wise ones, that traveled to worship Jesus from the east have not yet arrived. And King Herod’s attempt to murder Jesus had yet to occur.

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