Sermon – Altar Call ~ Pastor Jean Duran

February 28, 2021 Each summer after my fifth and sixth year in school, I attended a week long bible camp, church camp, with a friend of mine, at Camp Cedar Crest, which is located in the mountains of Southern California. I have to tell you that I loved those two weeks of camp. Hiking and canoeing, all those crafts that we did, sports, bible study, and at the end of the day, the time that we gathered around for the evening campfire where we would sing those silly camp songs like “Little Rabbit Foo Foo”,  and “Do Your Ears Hang Low.”


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Sermon – Angels In The Wilderness – Pastor Paisley Le Roy

 February 21, 2021  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I had finished my first year of seminary and I was working at Bridgeport Hospital as intern chaplain.  A requirement of the program to be a pastor.  I was the pastor on duty for that night.  Part of my responsibility was to visit all the people that were having surgery to the next day to see how they were feeling and pray with them and their family.

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Sermon – Holy Encounters ~ Deacon Heather Feltman

February 14, 2021 It is unusual for Mark to make specific references to time in his gospel, so we might wonder why Mark mentions that the events of this story happen six days after the first verse. Well, you can walk from Caesarea Philippi to Mt. Tabor, the traditional location of the transfiguration, in about six days, so maybe Mark simply wants us to know that Jesus is on the move again. On the move after feeding four thousand people, arguing with religious leaders, and having a pretty intense discussion with his disciples about Jesus’ own identity and mission.

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Sermon- God’s Work In Our Own Homes – Pastor Sarah Rohde

February 7, 2021 Over the past several months, I wonder if you have been part of a conversation that went kind of like this. “Hey, what are your plans for the weekend?”  “Ugg, I think I will be spending it at home.” Or “Hey did you hear that we are going to get a ton of snow?”  “Yep, looks like more time at home.”

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Sermon – Those Who Dream… Are Astounded – Pastor Paisley Le Roy

January 31, 2021  “They were all amazed.” This verse circled in my mind as I walked with this text this week.  “They were amazed at his teaching.” Now, this word finds its root in the greek, θαμβέω (Thambeó), to astonish. Which, yes, is a suitable translation but I don’t think the depth of feeling is accurately conveyed in the English. A more accurate translation is to astonish…almost to the point of being terrified. Jesus’ teaching and casting out the demon…is astonishing to those gathered…to the point of being terrified…

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