Sermon — What Should Church Do? ~ Rev. Andrew Packman

June 27, 2021 After the events of the Pentecost, the disciples had a question, and it lingers today. Friends, what should we do now?  Now, this can be really the main question.  It’s what our family asks each other on the rare occasion we don’t have a pre‑ordained plan.  We wake up in the morning, you don’t have to go to work, we don’t have to take the kids to school, and we look at each other and say, “How should we spend this one day together?  What should we do?”  But the question can be much more profound and the stakes much higher.

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Sermon — Left Behind ~ Rev. Andrew Packman

June 2, 2019 Many of you know that Sarah and I met in Hyde Park when we were both in our first year of seminary. We ran into each other for the first time on the corner of 57th Street and University Avenue. She was walking with a group of friends on their way to lunch and I was walking back from my Biblical Hebrew Class. I happened to know some of those friends she was with, so I flagged them down – ostensibly to greet those friends but, of course, in reality because I hoped that they would kindly introduce me to this woman who, a mere four years later, would become your pastor and become my wife.

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Sermon — The Cost of Worship ~ Rev. Andrew Packman

April 7, 2019 On January 1, 2019, Netflix launched the first season of a new series that caught the attention of the entire nation. “Tidying Up” is a television show about, well, how to tidy up your messy house. Its star and host is a sprightly Japanese woman named Marie Kondo. She’s written a best selling book that promotes her “Kon Mari” method for home organizing. It promises to totally transform our messy American homes and our harried American lives with “the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.”

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Sermon — All in the Family ~ Rev. Andrew Packman

March 3, 2019 Our first reading today comes from the Book of Exodus. Moses descends from Mt. Sinai after conversing with God, and we hear that the skin on his face is aglow. A brilliant light radiates from him, a reflection of the divine glory that he was privileged to behold. And when they catch a glimpse of him, all of Israel stands in awe and fear of Moses’s shining face – a face that has seen the face of God.

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Sermon — Make Us Restless ~ Rev. Andrew Packman

July 29, 2018  There are two stories from the Gospel of John that read as miracle stories.  Jesus miraculously feeds five thousand people. Jesus miraculously walks across the stormy water.  The emphasis seems to be that Jesus is superhuman;the laws of nature don’t pertain to him.  Behind these divine miracles, however, we find ordinary human beings with ordinary needs.

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