Council Highlights

Feb. 18, 2020

Judy Hanson offered the opening prayer.

Pastor Sarah reported that she and Deacon Heather are feeling even more stretched with Joshua’s departure.  They are focusing on the most urgent things.

Interim music and worship arrangements:

  • Accompanists/organists have been arranged through June 1.
  • Keyboardists for the praise band are lined up through June 1.
  • Sylvia Weaver will lead the choir for Pastor Sarah’s installation and Ash Wednesday, and Jay Kellner will then lead the choir through the end of May.
  • Worship guides may change somewhat in the near term because of the amount of time involved in preparing our current format, not to mention the paper.

Pastor Sarah’s priority in re-staffing the music and worship position is excellence in worship in multiple styles.

Pastor Jean Duran will be working with us Fridays and Saturdays through the end of May, leading and driving the Saturday service and focusing on congregational care and visitation, Stepping Stones, care cards and the prayer list.

Pastor Sarah has had 22 one-on-one meetings with disciples and has 15 more scheduled. Most of the people who have requested meetings are ones with whom she has not had a lot of contact in the past, and they represent a reasonable cross-section of the congregation. A couple of themes are emerging. One: disciples say the people are great here, but they feel they don’t really know anybody. Two: What are we going to be about? Pastor notes that several people are carrying a great deal of stress.

Pastor Sarah asked for feedback from the council about the past couple of months. Council members were very pleased with the forum and with her sermons, and with the way she has handled Joshua’s departure.  She is showing herself to be our visionary leader and a rudder for our boat.

Deacon Heather reported that interviews are under way for an administrative assistant. Bookkeeping tasks have been outsourced, and the most important requirements for the administrative job are the soft skills.

Jill Cooper is helping put together worship guides; Leslie Blount is handing financial secretary (contributions) work.

Call Team Update: Craig Collins and Joe Boyle presented a draft of a revised Ministry Site Profile, required for our Associate Pastor search. It includes the characteristics and skills we are seeking in our Associate Pastor.  The Council adopted the MSP with minor revisions. After it has been reviewed and accepted by the Synod office, it will be posted on our website. The Council appointed the Associate Pastor Call Team as follows: Craig Collins and Joe Boyle, co-chairs; Steve McIntire, Pastor Sarah Rohde, Shannon Van Essen, and Mim Zeddies. This call team hopes to be meeting with the Synod in early March.

The council expressed its thanks to:

  • The coordinating team for Feed the Need: Dennis Finney, Brian Warner, Kate Dockins, Jay and Sue Kellner, and Sandy and Bill Leitsch. 370 volunteers participated!
  • Michelle Fisher, for planning the farewell reception for Joshua.
  • Linda Culley, for organizing the retirement reception for Michelle.
  • Jesus Alanis, for coming in at 3:30 a.m. to clean up a flooded vestibule before the reception for Joshua.
  • Michael Palmer, Christie Griffin and Chris Johnson for taking on interim leadership of the Praise Team.