The Bethlehem Church Council met on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  Here are the highlights of this meeting:


Bethlehem Preschool Update

 Pong Sayasane, BLC Preschool Director, provided the Church Council with an update on the preschool:

  • The preschool has been open since last June.

  • There have been very few reported cases of COVID-19 at the preschool.

  • Enrollment is holding steady for the current year.

  • Pre-registration for the next school year will begin next month.

  • Plans for the annual Spaghetti Supper in April are underway. At the present time the plan is to stage a “take-out” event rather than host an in-person gathering.


Vision & Values Forums

The Church Council is in the midst of hosting three Vision & Values forums preceding the congregation meeting on January 31, 2021. These Zoom forums provide the opportunity for the Council and our pastors to share ministry goals, staffing plans, and the 2021 proposed budget with the congregation.

The third and final Vision & Values forum will take place at 9:30am on Sunday, January 24, following the 8:30am taped service. Information about how to access this last forum will be included in this week’s Friday email blast.


Congregation Meeting – Sunday, January 31, 2021 – 9:30 am

The Church Council will convene the annual congregation meeting at 9:30am on Sunday, January 31, via Zoom. Information about how to access this meeting will be included in the Friday email blasts and a special email going out the week of January 25. BLC disciples must register for this meeting. Members can also participate in this meeting by phone.

Information materials pertaining to the congregation meeting have been mailed and are also available via a Google link that will be included in upcoming communications. Printed copies of these documents are also available in the church office.

The Council previewed what will take place during the congregation meeting: a review of ministry goals for 2021; the adoption of the 2021 church budget; testimony from several church members on how we as a church can love God, love one another within our congregation, and love our neighbors; and the approval of several resolutions of thanks for staff, members of our congregation who have died this past year, new members who have been welcomed into the Bethlehem community through baptism, and the faithful generosity of our congregation.


Ministry Goals for 2021

Pastor Sarah shared the progress that has been made to date with the five ministry goals for 2021 that have been approved by the Council. These goals are being shared at the forums and will be shared at the congregation meeting. Pastor Sarah also shared which rostered staff member would be responsible for championing each goal within the congregation.


We Love God (We worship) 

 Goal #1: Evaluate and Decide on Live-Streaming Capability – Pastor Sarah/Deacon Heather


We love and care for one another 

Goal #2: Intentionally Connect with High School Youth – Pastor Paisley

Goal #3: Adult Education and Small Groups – Pastor Sarah


We love and care for our neighbors

Goal #4: Increase our congregation’s engagement with hunger/homeless ministries by 10% – Deacon Heather

Goal #5: Expand and strengthen our missional partnerships – Pastor Paisley/Deacon Heather