Present: Craig Collins, Rob Blount, Chad Carlson,

Cheryl Martines, Pete Elza, Judy Hanson, John Volkening,

Steve McIntire, Kelly Jirschele, Pastor Sarah Rhode


Staff: Deacon Heather Feltman, Pastor Paisley Le Roy

Meeting called to order at: 6:30PM Eckstrom Hall

Meeting closed at: 10:25PM

Council Reporter: Cheryl Martines

Opening Prayer/Devotion: Craig Collins referenced the book “Be The Bridge” which was a discussion focus by the Men’s Ministry

group this past year. Reflections on race from the adult forum held on Oct. 31st were mentioned by council members who were in

attendance. Concerns were raised about the candor of the forum. Much more work needs to be done at BLC in this area.

Agenda Item #1: Worship Plans – January, February, March 2022

Discussion: After reviewing the indoor worship attendance (June-December, 2021), council heard from each rostered leader. The

rostered leader report gave a recommendation for Sunday; Discussion centered around Saturday evening worship.

PS – Experiencing constant reinvention during the pandemic is causing fatigue. With lay leadership down and low response rate of

disciple participation (due to comfort level and reconsiderations of time), it is hard to continue this way. I rely on our team of 3.

PP – Seeing value to the Saturday worship, I question the sustainability for every week. Currently operating a “bare bones” in the

youth programs: 7 adults for Sunday School, 4 in confirmation; 3 HS youth; no subs. Concerned about burn out and constant

redevelopment. Becoming a youth pastor that preaches, I cannot add anything else. Willing to do Sat. pm worship, but something

has to give. Other care programs are already stressed.

DH – As deacon, I work alongside. I am willing to support 2 Saturday/month worship services. Being sensitive to the pastors’

needs, I can see the current schedule continue. I can coordinate my schedule to fill in where need be.

Council shared the congregational feedback received. Decision needs to honor the health of our rostered leaders and the needs of

the BLC community.

Action Taken: ✓ Vote

Motion: To continue with Sunday morning worship at 8:30AM and 10:45AM with reconnection hour at 9:40AM with

Saturday evening worship twice/month for January, February, March 2022.

Made By: Rob Blount

Second: Kelly Jirschele

Result: Passed

Follow-up Items: Communication @ Coffee With Council on Sunday, December 19, 2021.

Agenda Item #2: Congregational Goal Setting

Discussion: Each council sub-group explained their draft goals emphasizing the focus and rationale behind these ideas.

Love God (Worship) : Live-streaming; Support of worship life; Experiencing new styles of worship.

Love One Another: Examining ministry teams at BLC; Increase disciple engagement (fair); Organize a multi-family retreat.

Love Our Neighbor: Care for Creation/Environment (Earth Day, Recycle/Compost); Outreach (Refugee, Hunger/Homeless).

Conclusion: Who is BLC? There are topics/concerns that are not included in these goals. What can we be excited about?

Needing to determine if these ideas are a long-term focus (3-5 year plan) or a short-term goal (2022 still in a pandemic) that can

support the congregational vision/mission, these ideas will be further sorted before the annual meeting in January.

Action Taken: Tabled

Agenda Item #3: 2022 Budget

Discussion: Chad Carlson and DH explained the adjustments to last month’s budget proposal.

Revenue: Charitable Trust Giving was reduced. Weekly Envelopes projected downward.

Disbursements: Decision needed on FRVI support or another ministry

Preschool: Allocations made – BLC is one organization to use Illinois Child Care grant proceeds (50/50 split)

Personnel & Benefits: Salary adjustments; tech support discussed. Professional musicians line item increased: Multiple existing

musical lines were combined (not eliminated) to provide the new Director of Worship and Music more flexibility.

Youth Ministry: Mission trips, scholarships added.

Building Fund: Third year of Together Forward Debt Reduction; gifts received by 2 families for 1:1 match by congregation

Discussion continued surrounding the placement of possible surplus monies from pandemic grants which continue in 2022.

Action Taken: Tabled

Follow-up items: Special council meeting to finalize the 2022 budget is scheduled January 11, 2022. Budget Forums are to be

held on January 16 and January 23.

Agenda Item #4: Boy Scouts

Discussion: After declaring bankruptcy in 2020, BSA has now filed for reorganization under Chapter 11. Under this plan, all current

and former chartered organizations (BLC) have 3 options to consider. Greg Andrews has reviewed these options and sent a

recommendation to the council. In discussing these options, questions were raised regarding the level of insurance that BLC

currently has against possible lawsuits. BSA can also offer additional coverage, but at what cost? What is covered by the local

scout organization (Three Rivers Council)? DH is waiting for this information. Since this spans more than 90 years of involvement,

the unknown risks could be substantial for our congregation.

Action Taken: Tabled

❏ Vote to taken prior to Jan. 7, 2022 response deadline.


Made By:



Agenda Item #5: Consent Agenda

Action Taken: Vote

Motion: To accept the November meeting minutes, October financials, November financial statement, cash report.

Made By: Judy Hanson

Second: John Volkening

Result: passed

Agenda Item #6: Staff Bonuses

Action Taken: Vote

Motion: Move to executive session.

Made By: John Volkening

Second: Judy Hanson

Result: passed

Discussion: PS presented council with recommendations for the 2021 budgeted staff bonus (line item of $4500.)

Note: Rob Blount was excused for this discussion and vote due to conflict of interest.

Action Taken: Vote

Motion: To approve the recommendations for the church staff bonuses:

Made By: John Volkening

Second: Judy Hanson

Result: Passed

Discussion: Council to determine the amounts for staff bonuses to Deacon Heather, Pastor Paisley, and Pastor Sarah.

Action Taken: Vote

Motion: Use the remaining budgeted money ($2600) split between DH ($800), PP ($800), PS ($1000).

Made By: Cheryl Martines

Second: Rob Blount

Result: Not passed

Motion: Increase the amounts to $1500 (PS); $1500 (DH); $1000 (PP).

Made By: Pete Elza

Second: John Volkening

Result: Not Passed

Motion: Increase the amounts to $1500 (PS); $1500 (DH); $1250 (PP).

Made By: John Volkening

Second: Kelly Jirschele

Result: Passed

Agenda Item #7: Adjourn Council Meeting

Action Taken: ✓ Vote

Motion: “Motion to adjourn”

Made By: Steve McIntire

Second: Kelly Jirschele

Result: Adjourn at 10:25PM.