Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes

21st, JUNE, 2022

Present: Craig Collins, Rob Blount, Cheryl Martines, John Volkening, Steve McIntire, Bonnie Hare, Megan Baxter

Absent: Pete Elza, Kelly Jirschele

Staff: Pastor Sarah Rhode, Deacon Heather Feltman, Pastor Paisley Le Roy

Meeting called to order at: 6:35 PM

Meeting closed at: 7:40 PM

Council Reporter: Craig Collins

Opening Prayer: Rob Blount

Discussion: Relationships – “High/Low” activity

In an effort to strengthen relationships among those present, Cheryl asked Council members and Rostered staff to share some recent “highs” and “lows” in their work and personal lives.

Agenda Item #1: Move to Executive Session

Action Taken:

✓ Vote

Motion: Move to Executive Session

Made By: John Volkening

Second: Cheryl Martines

Result: Passed

After coming out of the Executive session, Rob suggested we postpone Heather’s presentation on the Expansive Church and discussion about goals presented at the congregation meeting in May until the July meeting. There was no objection.

Agenda Item #2: Roster Leaders Report

Discussion: Update on the roof and HVAC installation; refinance lock-in @ 3.375%; no contingency used so far

Action Taken:

✓ None


Agenda Item #3: Consent Agenda

Action Taken:

✓ Vote

Motion: To approve the financials and minutes

Made By: Craig Collins

Second: John Volkening

Result: Approved without objection

Agenda Item #4: Adjourn Council Meeting

Action Taken:

Motion: “Motion to adjourn”

Made By: Steve McIntire


Second: Bonnie Hare

Result: Passed