Present: Craig Collins, Rob Blount, Chad Carlson,

Cheryl Martines, Pete Elza, Judy Hanson, John Volkening,

Steve McIntire, Kelly Jirschele

Absent: Pastor Paisley LeRoy

Staff: Pastor Sarah Rhode, Deacon Heather Feltman

Meeting called to order at: 7:15 PM via zoom

Meeting closed at: 9:25 PM

Council Reporter: Cheryl Martines

Open Forum: Finance Committee report – Dennis Finney, Jim Geaman, Craig Blomquist

Discussion: Dennis led the review of the budget as previously discussed by the Finance Committee. Many of their concerns had

also been previously discussed by the executive (council) committee. Emphasis was placed on the needed transparency for the

congregation. Budget notes should reflect the necessary explanations as we go into the budget forums and annual meeting this


Note – Break taken – Finance Committee is excused.

Agenda Item #1: Closing the 2021 Budget

Discussion: DH reviewed the revenue side – budget was very close to actual. Giving was going up during the pandemic. On the

expense side, there was a net positive $45,128. Where should that go? Preschool enrollment is in good shape – still in the black.

Building Fund pledge is at 60% due to uneven giving over the pledge period.

Conclusion: Move any remaining dollars to the ops investment funds for 2022.

Action Taken:

✓ Vote

Motion: Move to make a one-time contribution of $7000 to the synod from the 2021 budget.

Made By: Rob Blount

Second: Steve McIntire

Result: Passed

Action Taken:

❏ Vote

Motion: Move the remaining excess of $34,000 in the 2021 net church operations to reserves.

Made By: Pete Elza

Second: Chad Carlson

Result: Passed

Action Taken:

❏ Vote

Motion: Move the preschool net operations excess of $106,272 from the 2021 budget to reserves.

Made By: Judy Hanson

Second: Chad Carlson

Result: passed

Agenda Item #2: 2022 Budget Proposal

Discussion: Several line items were solidified. Reminders of preschool staff increases occurring in 2021 will continue in 2022 to

remain competitive and fully staffed. Live-Streaming installation has begun and its full impact on the 2022 budget is TBD.

Comments on possible future BLC staffing centered around having flexibility during the pandemic (i.e., council has 10% authority on

budgeted items.) Use of contingency funds and endowment funds are outlined in the constitution.

Action Taken:

❏ Vote

Motion: Move to accept the recommended budget proposal which will be taken to the congregation for approval at the

2022 annual meeting on January 30, 2022.

Made By: Kelly Jirschele

Second: Chad Carlson

Result: Passed

Follow-up Items: Budget Forums are scheduled for January 23 and January 26 via zoom.

Agenda Item #3: Update on Pastor Paisley

Discussion: PS has set a meal train (already full) and visits with PP when appropriate. All BLC correspondence is directed to PS

as PP is experiencing health issues. Follow-up appointments are scheduled, family support and continued prayers are evident.

More information will come following an angiogram scheduled for February 4, 2022.

Craig C. contacted the synod concerning benefits and options for support. The bishop is apprised. Short-term disability (Portico

uses Lincoln Financial) would cover 66%, thus the congregation would pay approximately ⅓. Craig C. and DH will provide this

information to PP.

Conclusion: PS will address the spiritual side and Craig C./Deacon Heather will address the HR side of this situation.

Action Taken:

❏ None

Agenda Item #4: Adjourn Council meeting.

Action Taken:

❏ Vote

Motion: Move to adjourn.

Made By: Judy Hanson

Second: Craig Collins

Result: Passed