Present: Craig Collins, Rob Blount, Chad Carlson,

Cheryl Martines, Pete Elza, Judy Hanson, John Volkening,

Steve McIntire, Kelly Jirschele

Absent: Pastor Paisley LeRoy

Staff: Pastor Sarah Rhode, Deacon Heather Feltman

SPECIAL Meeting called to order at: 7:45 PM via zoom

Meeting closed at: 9:21 PM

Council Reporter: Cheryl Martines

Opening Prayer: led by Craig Collins

Agenda Item #1: Responding to the current COVID-19 surge – Worship Plans

Discussion: PS made the recommendation to move to virtual worship for January and February with concerns over the current

pandemic situation in our community. Pre-recorded services would be sent until live-streaming was installed. Worship via zoom

would then begin. Sunday morning programming would also move to virtual. Sunday School would be suspended.

Questions – What are other area churches doing? PS response: Some are moving to all-virtual; some are using a hybrid model of

in-person and virtual. Those with live-streaming are comfortable doing a hybrid. Some are continuing with in-person worship with

the anticipation of low attendance numbers.

Council members weighed in:

JV – COVID cases are increasing; deaths are increasing; inpatient cases and personnel affected beyond our anticipation. CDC

sees this peak in Jan. going down in Feb. Agrees with no groups in church now – to resume Ash Wed. Agree with the above


KJ – Agree with the rostered leaders as the pandemic evolves.

JH – Go along with the recommendation for worship,

CCarlson – January timeframe is okay. Going into February is too long to stay virtual only.

PE – Not in our best interest to go into February with this plan. Create small services for in-person connections. Concerned with the

new director of worship coming into this situation and the absence of Pastor Paisley.

CM – Disagree with the recommendation as it is based only on physical health numbers. Need to address the needs of the whole

person – mentally, spiritually, socially – and church can be a place for that. Disciples can decide their comfort level, not be denied

the choice.

SM – Agree with the leaders. We are limited with the protocols in place to provide a safe environment.

RB – This recommendation is too far forward – to commit to the month of February.

Action Taken:

✓ Vote

Motion: To move the weekend worship to virtual (pre-recorded) through January 30, 2022.

Made By: Rob Blount

Second: Pete Elza

Result: Passed

Agenda Item #2: Responding the current COVID-19 surge: Building Use

Discussion: Questions to be answered –

1. Do we allow BLC groups and outside groups to use the building in January and February?

2. Do we keep the preschool open?

3. What are the expectations of the rostered leaders/staff working locations?

4. Do we hold our budget forums, congregational meetings in January?

Debate centered around the impact on the cleaning staff, size of groups, continuation of small groups, requests for using the

building, allowing an informed choice by BLC disciples, and the effects of COVID (Keeping our staff safe.)

Action Taken: Vote

Motion: Allow BLC and outside groups (no greater than 10 which follow the COVID protocols) to meet in the building

during the month of January – duration tied to the virtual worship schedule.

Made By: Rob Blount

Second: Craig Collins

Result: Passed

The preschool will remain open following the CDC guidelines.

The rostered leaders and staff will determine their working locations. They do not anticipate any change at this time.

The budget forums and annual meeting will be held virtual – similar to the 2021 format. Details to be determined.

Agenda Item #3: Boy Scouts

Discussion: The filing of Chapter 11 by the BSA has reduced the options for chartered organizations such as BLC. The exec team,

along with attorney, Greg Andrews, have reviewed the remaining choices.

Action Taken:

❏ Vote

Motion: Move to accept option #1 as outlined in the BSA document.

Made By: Craig Collins

Second: John Volkening

Result: passed

Agenda Item #4: Update on Pastor Paisley

Discussion: After hospitalization last month for serious brain bleed, Pastor Paisley is now home with supportive care by immediate

family. She will continue neurological checks until a February 9th angiogram is administered. Due to limited screen time and

reading, she will not be working. Pastor Sarah will receive Pastor Paisley’s BLC email. Asking the congregation for continued

prayers for healing.

Action Taken:

❏ None

Agenda Item #5: Rostered Leader report

Discussion: With the change in worship plans for January, discussion on how to handle funerals was discussed. Going back to

the COVID protocols of 2021 seemed appropriate (i.e., limit capacity; shorter duration of service.) Funerals can be held in the

building. Confirmation and HS group will be suspended until in-person worship resumes. Lay leaders will explore possibilities.

Agenda Item #6: Adjourn Council Meeting

Action Taken:

❏ Vote

Motion: Motion to adjourn

Made By: Craig Collins

Second: Kelly Jirschele

Result: passed