Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Council Meeting Minutes 
Date: 3/19/2024 

Present: Cheryl Martines, John Volkening, Bonnie Hare, Kelly Jirschele, Rob Blount, Amy Blackmore, Paul Dayton
Absent: Brian Ferguson
Staff: Pastor Krista Zimmerman, Deacon Heather Feltman
Guests: None 

Meeting called to order at: 6:35 pm 
Meeting closed at: 8:36 pm  

Council Reporter: Paul Dayton
Opening Prayer: John Volkening
Devotion: Bonnie Hare
Walking on the Water (Peter) discussion – use your five senses to understand how Peter felt. Taken from “God in my Everything” by Ken Shigematsu 

Agenda Item #1: 2024-2025 Council Members
Discussion:  two openings (Rob Blount’s & Steve McIntire’s positions)
Conclusion: Discuss next meeting after feedback from the nominees contacted by Cheryl Martines.
Action Taken: Tabled 

Agenda Item #2: Kaleidoscope Institute
Discussion:  Employing the Kaleidoscope Institute was suggested by the Synod on Reverend Paisley Le Roy’s leaving and endorsed by Pastor Krista Zimmerman. It was not a requirement of any negotiations. BLC has signed a covenant with them; the 1st meeting, April 25, will be with Cheryl Martines, Bonnie Hare, Greg Andrews, Pastor Krista Zimmerman, John Volkening, and Deacon Heather Feltman. 

The goal of Kaleidoscope Institute is to prepare church leadership to lead the congregation into the future with vitality and renewed sense of mission.  The healing process involves developing key strategies for congregational discernment.  The focus will be on BLC values and tradition, gracious environment, and building inclusive faithful communities.  

The price for their service has increased from $2K to $2.5K. Synod will be paying ½; BLC will pick up any mileage & food costs. 

Conclusion: There will be more information to discuss after the initial meeting.
Action Taken: Tabled 

Agenda Item #3 : Constitution Team (BLC Bylaws)
Discussion:  The Constitution team suggested Council approve one of three actions to move forward (see attached report form the team). Council should request the team to:
 – make a regular report
 – advise a strategic roll out for council
 – advise how input will be gathered from BLC disciples
Conclusion: Advise the Constitution team to proceed as defined by option #2, with the additional requirements coming out of our discussion.
Action Taken: Vote
Motion: move that existing constitution team continue their work as a unified team and advise the Council of their proposed revisions.
Made By: Rob Blount
Second: Kelly Jirschele
Result: The motion passed 8/0 

Agenda Item #4 : 2024-2025 Congregational Goals
Discussion:  The exec team’s recommendation is to continue with the existing goals as BLC is still working on the existing goals.
Advise from the full Council:
– change RIC language to show greater commitment and move from  “in process now” to “internal”
 – also add some language to “hope to use experiences of past to build (pandemic, PP, etc) upon for the future”
 – the need for the goal on “Creation” was questioned, but end conclusion is to keep it
Conclusion: Kelly Jirschele & Deacon Heather Feltman were selected to tweak the goals in a manner to make them more applicable to our current status. Table further discussion to the April meeting.
Action Taken: Tabled 

Agenda Item #5 : Children/Youth & Family Director 
Discussion:  The language of the requirements should place more emphasis on the need to recruit, train, manage volunteers, mentoring of our mentors. This should be a key question in the interview with applicants. The question was raised as to where to post for applicants. While a number of sites were suggested, it is still a matter for discussion.
Conclusion: Deacon Heather Feltman will tweak the document and resubmit.
Action Taken: Vote
Motion: Accept as is with some edits that will emphasize and clarify the requirements for recruiting, training, managing of volunteers, and mentoring. Also clarify who this person reports too.
Made By: John Volkening
Second: Amy Blackmore
Result: passed 8/0 

Agenda Item #6 : Consent Agenda
Discussion:  The minutes and financial reports were presented as attachments.
What has caused the increase in financial support? Suggested causes:
– people take to heart our financial struggle
– The letter from Deacon Heather Feltman & Pastor Krista Zimmerman
– The financial meetings
– The regular 60 day reports with transparency
– Prayer
Conclusion: None
Action Taken: Vote
Motion: Move to the reports accept as presented
Made By: Kelly Jirschele
Second: John Volkening
Result: The motion passed 8/0 

Agenda Item #7: Rostered Leaders Report
Discussion:  The report was attached. Will the logistics between May election and council meeting be a split meeting?
Conclusion: Good report
Action Taken: None required.

Agenda Item #8: Coffee with Council
Discussion: Coffee with Council will take place on April 7. Council members will speak to the topics
– Finances
– Kaleidoscope
– updates from call committee / youth director
– feedback on trial period of service
* note the 4 measures being reviewed: numbers, music, style, atmosphere
* inquire as to disciples want more of and less of
* Do the disciples like the different adult formats or not?
Time will be allocated to entertain questions / answers.
Conclusion: Council members will present at both 9:30AM and 10:45AM Adult Education sessions.
Action Taken: None required

Snaps: Deacon Heather Feltman cutting cost re Shelby replacement; disciples helping out in Confirmation; church model to help arrangement decisions, sharing; Choice board for Confirmands; choir home visit; more financial support coming in 

Agenda Item #9: Adjourn meeting 
Action Taken: Vote
Motion: Motion to adjourn” 
Made By: Kelly Jirschele
Second:Bonnie Hare
Result: Motion passed 8/0