Faith Formation Mission Trip


Hey BLC Disciples!

As our first fundraiser for our upcoming Faith Formation Mission Trip this June 18-23, we are asking YOU to “vote” for which service opportunity you would like to see our youth fulfill! Two containers will be set up in the Narthex labeled Appalachia or St. Louis and you are invited to put money—coins included—in the jar associated with the location you wish the youth to travel to.

If you’d like to give online, click here and place either Appalachia or St. Louis in the subject to denote which location you are “voting” for.

We will post updates here and share in worship which trip is in the lead. Our youth interested in attending are invited and encouraged to give towards the trip they would most like to see as well.

We will have a couple Sundays to give feedback by “voting” and will announce our 2023 Mission Trip location at our Annual Meeting on January 29!

Read on for further information about each location:

The trip options are:

  1. Appalachia—Beattyville, Kentucky: This would be a rural mission trip, focusing on serving people living at or below the poverty line in rural communities. Often rural poverty in our country goes unnoticed so this trip would open youth’s eyes to the lives of people living in rural Appalachia and the struggles they face. Projects will be building related.
  2. St. Louis, Missouri: This would be a more urban mission trip, focusing on serving various communities, especially hunger and community outreach ministries. Serving in St. Louis would also give our youth the opportunity to serve organizations that help children their age that are living at or below the poverty line, perhaps even experiencing homelessness.