Bethlehem Brothers Presents:

2nd Annual Father’s Day Fishing Event!

Saturday, June 18 (arrive between 8 and 11am)

Blackwell Forest Preserve
(off Butterfield Road in Warrenville)
A map will be provided to show where we will gather.

We had so much fun in 2021 and expect even more fun this year! What can be better than taking your child or father fishing for the morning?

Enjoy license-free fishing! All you need to bring is a pole, bait, and drink. You can buy nightcrawlers at Petco, Petsmart, Dicks, and Walmart. Open the lid to check for a wiggle. 

Coffee and donuts will be provided at 8:30am, and the fishing contest will occur from 9–10:30am. Take pictures of the catch, then release the fish! Prizes will be awarded for the biggest fish (heaviest), most fish, and most variety.

Come to fish, to help, tell a fish story, or eat a free donut. We also need volunteers to help kids with their poles and lines, to gather trash in bags, and serve donuts, coffee, and water. 

RSVP here so we can have an accurate headcount. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Schaefer at

Some things to note!

1.  The temperature is predicted to be in the 70’s.  That’s good news after these ninety degree days.  However, be sure to bring a hat and, most of all, sunscreen to wear.

2. Stay hydrated.  We will be bringing water to use,  if you run out.  There’s a toilet near the shelter.

3.  The pond is catch and release.  To make it easier to remove the hook,  crimp down the barb with a pliers.

4.  If you fish on the pier with your kids,  leave 4 to 5 ft between people.  You may want to bring a lawn chair.5. For best results use a small hook and small weight.  Use a sinker with a hole to slide down line.  The fish won’t feel the weight and you’ll feel the fish.  Attach a barrel swivel to stop the  sinker and a 2 to 3 ft. leader with a small hook or 1/16 or 1/32 ounce jig.  I use a pinkie jig.  If you want to get better use of this rig,  attach a small bead between each connection. Bobbers can be added as needed.

6.  For a quick set up,  put the holed sinker on the line, attach a very small split shot weight,  leave 2 or 3 ft left, and attach a small hook or jig.  Bobbers can be added.

7.  It doesn’t matter where you fish.  Just text a picture of the catch with the catcher to Bob Schaefer at 630-338-5084,  the sooner the better.  Remember the very first fish earns a prize.

8.  By all means,  please help each with with tangled lines,  baiting hooks,  and cleaning up.  Bring a rag to wipe your slimy hands. Above all, we want this to be fun for the kids.

Good luck to all!