Reconnection Hour

Reconnection Hour – Sundays at 10:15am

This hour is set aside on Sunday mornings for the purposes of reconnection, learning, and faith-building! We hope to see you there!


Adult Education will take place in Ekstrom Hall (please note change in location!) – which is the room right beneath the sanctuary, accessible by stairs and elevator. We will be building off our time last week where we named the places of pain in our homes, communities, and world, with particular focus on how we are called to be people of hope and accompaniment. Adult Ed. will wrap up at 11:00am so that parents/guardians can go pick up their kids in Sunday School and be part of the closing there. You can participate in Adult Ed. classes in-person or online via Zoom.

If you want to join us virtually, here is the link:
Meeting ID: 817 0966 5728
Passcode: 528652


Confirmation will meet in Fellowship Hall with Deacon Heather. They will spend time learning about what a Deacon is and begin learning about the Christian call to service.

If you need to join virtually, here is the link:
Meeting ID: 858 5995 0175
Passcode: 239306


Sunday School will meet in the Preschool Parking lot and backyard of the church. We will continue with our new model – large group time and holistic stations that tend to the mind, body, and spirit of our children.

All disciples are invited to join us for closing time, beginning at 11:00am. For those who are not yet comfortable joining for Sunday School, the large group portion of our time together will be recorded and posted to YouTube weekly.