January 12, 2020 Today we read of Jesus’ first day on the job. And while we might imagine Jesus getting right to work on teaching and preaching, he instead begins by wading into the waters of the river Jordan, lining up with all the others that were standing along the shore that day, waiting to be baptized by John the Baptist. Now Jesus didn’t technically need to be baptized, based on his clean record when it came to sin. And in fact, when he gets to the front of the line, he and John the Baptist have this moment, where John wants to trade places with Jesus and have Jesus do the baptizing. But Jesus says, “no, baptize me, baptize me into these waters that all the others here are being baptized into.” So John plunged Jesus into the river and raised him back up again, and in that moment, Matthew tells us the heavens parted and Jesus heard the words of God that save human hearts every single time they’re spoken – “You are my child, my beloved.”   

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