October 24, 2021 In a podcast that I listened to this week, Philip Yancy, an author that writes a lot about spirituality and grace. He recalled visiting his brother in the hospital, after his brother had a stroke. His brother was comatose.  You could clap your hands in front of his eyes and he wouldn’t blink. The doctor would hit his knee with a reflex hammer and he wouldn’t even move. So there he lay, just staring straight ahead, all day long. Philip said it was hard to believe that he was really alive. Philip was allowed to visit his brother for five minutes every two hours. Philip and his brother had a fraught relationships, so it was hard for Philip to know what to feel, or know what to say.  But at the end of his five minutes, he would lean in and whisper into his brother’s ear.  And he would say, God is not the judgmental person we learned about growing up. God is full of grace.

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