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Sermon- Following Jesus- Pastor Sarah Rohde

June 26, 2022 Today’s passage from the gospel of Luke seems to be a text that preachers work hard to avoid, and I totally get why. I was looking online at a page that serves as a hub for preaching resources, and just scrolling through the titles of articles and...

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Sermon- Lament- Pastor Sarah Rohde

May 29, 2022 Life has been challenging for a long time; I mean life is always challenging in some ways, it’s what it is to be alive and to be human; but in the past few years, there have been challenges laid upon our lives that have taken the struggle for vitality and...

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Sermon- Palm Sunday- Pastor Sarah Rohde

April 10, 2022 Today is the day where the clashes between Jesus and the world begin to come to a head. You see, on Palm Sunday long ago, there were two processions happening at the same time. One, the Roman governor of Judea, in this case, Pilate, who rode up to...

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