Care and Serve

Our Community Care Ministry offers opportunities within Bethlehem to both give and receive care through prayer, presence and practical help. Through illness, painful loss, or challenging life transition, we strive to walk with one another in Christ-centered love, encouragement and hope.

If you have an immediate need or concern, please call our Emergency/Pastoral Care Line at: 331.771.0958.

Prayer Network consists of a team of disciples who pray confidentially for concerns and requests of our people. To learn more about our Prayer Network team, or to request prayer for yourself or loved one, please contact Judy Hanson

Home Communion Ministry consists of a team of disciples who visit and bring Holy Communion monthly to those who are no longer able to attend worship. These visits are a vital connect to our body and to Christ’s love. To request the care of the Home Communion Ministry or to learn more about serving, please contact the church office, 630.584.2199.

1st Responders consists of a team of disciples committed to meeting immediate, short-term and practical needs of our congregation member, and occasionally our local community. Requests are sent to the team via email; those who are available and able to “respond”, simply reply back for information and directions. Most requests consist of the following:

  • Meals
  • Occasional rides to appointments
  • Small home repair and maintenance
  • Other immediate, material needs or access to resources

Grief Support – consists of surrounding disciples in time of loss with Christ-centered care with funeral luncheons and ongoing support for one year. Luncheons are made possible by a dedicated team who provides food and hands on help following a funeral at Bethlehem. Contact Marlys Anderson at 630.377.3819 or Donna Hopkins at Grief support materials titled Journeying through Grief, are provided to immediate family for one year following a loss. Contact Coordinator Kara Rollins for more information at

Prayer Shawls are hand knit or crocheted by a team of women called Chicks with Sticks. These beautiful shawls, tangible symbols of God’s presence and care, and prayers of our community are given at times of loss, illness or other challenging circumstance or transition. Prayer shawls are also given at the time of baptism.  

1 – 1 Care consists of someone to come alongside in companionship during a challenging time, offering non-judgmental listening, encouragement, support and care.  

Mental Health Matters – Hope Matters Ministry involves efforts focused on raising awareness, reducing stigma and promoting wellness related to mental health.

Education/Awareness Building Our ministry hosts opportunities for our congregation throughout the year to learn and understand more. Specifically during May, Mental Health Awareness Month, there a number of  initiatives to learn one another’s stories, become educated about community resources, and become a better informed community, offering encouragement, acceptance and hope to one another.

Community Partnership We work collaboratively with several other groups in our community. These partnerships, which include National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), Fox River Valley Initiative, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Behavioral Health, Ecker Center for Mental Illness. Along with numerous mental health providers in the local community, these are valuable in helping to bring health, healing and hope to brothers and sisters at Bethlehem and the wider community. For more information, please contact the church office, 630.584.2199.

Individual/Family Support We are a community committed to supporting and journeying with individuals living with mental illness or loving someone with mental illness. Whether seeking understanding, prayer, support or assistance in finding resources, we journey together. Contact the church office, 630.584.2199, to get help connecting with one of our pastors.