Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Safety Protocols––Updated March 7, 2022:

We continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC and the IL Department of Health. Currently, Kane County is considered a location of “low transmission” and therefore face masks are recommended, but optional. The one exception to this will be our Saturday night service––we will remain masked for this service so as to create a space that is safer for the unvaccinated and the immunocompromised. We continue to encourage everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated and boosted. This is the single, most effective way for us to protect ourselves and each other during this pandemic.

If you don’t feel comfortable gathering indoors with others at this time, we understand, and invite you to join us virtually for worship via our livestream on YouTube! And if you miss our livestream event on Sunday mornings, you can always access past worship services by searching the “past live streams” section.

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Stepping through the doors of a church for the first time can be confusing and intimidating. Here are some answers to common questions that we hope will better orient you to life and ministry at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Q: What should I wear?

A: You will see a little bit of everything at Bethlehem from shorts to blue jeans to suits. Wear what makes you comfortable. Be who you are. We believe God accepts you as you are, not as you are dressed.

Q: Will I have to introduce myself in worship?

A: We do not ask new attendees to stand up and introduce themselves. In the paper worship guide there is a form that we ask visitors and guests to fill out. You can also provide us with your name and contact information for us to follow up with you by texting the word “guest” to 630-409-1350. This allows us to follow up with you and welcome you more personally.

Q: Am I expected to put money in the offering plate? And, if I do, where does my money go?

A: You don’t have to give anything. We believe we are called to give not out of obligation but out of gratitude for the abundance of gifts we’ve been given by God. Every dollar bill is a gift from God and every gift—no matter how small or large—can contribute to God’s mission in the world. If you do share a gift, know that it will be used for God’s work in our congregation, neighborhood, and around the world.

Q: Are kids welcome? Is there childcare provided during the service?

A: Children are very welcome in worship at Bethlehem––we want them to be there! Our Sunday morning services include “children’s time” with one of the pastors and there are also activity bags located at the entrance to our worship spaces to help engage children during worship. Childcare is provided year-round during Sunday morning services; during construction, it is located in Fellowship Hall on the 200 level, accessible by the 100 level entrance under the green awning on the SW side of the building. Our nursery is open to children birth to 3-years-old and is supervised by professional staff.

Q: What happens at a typical worship service?

A: Whether you come to our more intimate Saturday evening service, our contemporary service led by a worship band, or our traditional service in the sanctuary, our worship at Bethlehem follows the same basic liturgical pattern: gather, word, meal, sending. We celebrate first that God gathers all kinds of people together in this place, then we listen to God’s word – a word that comforts and challenges us with the good news of Jesus Christ, we share in the communion meal, and then we leave equipped for service in God’s world. We hope you find worship at Bethlehem engaging, spirit-filled, and meaningful.



Q: Do I have to be Lutheran to receive communion at Bethlehem?

A: No. This table is hosted by Jesus Christ, who always broke down barriers and walls between people in order to give us a vision of God’s kingdom, where ALL are welcome. And so it is our strong conviction at Bethlehem that all people, all ages, all spiritual backgrounds––ALL are welcome at the table.

Q: I don’t eat gluten and/or I don’t drink alcohol––do you provide something different during communion?

A: Yes, we always have gluten free and alcohol free options available.

Please call or email the church office for more information.



Q: What does my family need to do to have our baby baptized?

A: We ask parents to attend a 1-time “Welcome to baptism” class prior to the celebration of baptism. At these classes, you’ll learn about the sacrament of Holy Baptism and the ways in which you as parents or guardians can nurture your child (and yourself) in a life of faith and service to God. Please call or email the church office (; 630-584-2199) to sign up for the class and the actual baptism.

Click here for more information on baptism at BLC!

Q: What if I am an adult and wish to be baptized?

A: That’s great! We will set up a time for you to meet with a pastor to help you begin your joyful journey of faith. Please call or email the church office for more information.



Q: We are planning our wedding. How do we get started with Bethlehem?

A: Please contact the church office at least eight (8) months prior to your desired wedding date to make a reservation and to speak with one of our pastors. You will be asked to attend a pre-marital workshop and two (2) pre-marital sessions with one of our pastors. Additional meetings may be necessary depending on your desire for music and other personal touches you wish to have as part of your ceremony.

Please note: Currently, Bethlehem does not perform wedding ceremonies for non-member couples.

Please call or email the church office for more information.